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My name is Hèctor Guillén and I'm a very experienced worker and programmer. I'm very competitive with myself to do a better work and overcome myself, in fact, I'm a very hardworking employee

Work experience

Feb 2025Oct 2030

I worked for King, Inc in Barcelona

Kingn Inc.

I was the leader programmer in my section


Sep 2004Jun 2017

Primary and Secondary School

Escola la Roureda & Montserrat Colomer High School

I a good student and I usualy take good marks. I passed it with a 8

Sep 2018Jun 2019

Tecnologic baccalaureate

Montserrat Colomer High School

As in primary and secondary I take good marks. I passed it with a 8, too.

Sep 2020Jun 2023

Programmer degree

xUniversity of Barcelona

I studied a c++ programmer degree