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Expert in Advertising and Marketing firm with more that 3 years of experience. Have huge interests with Computers and Internet programs for business and profit purposes.

My keys of Success:

Determination, Goal Setting, Training, Communication, Creativity, Integrity and Ethics, Leadership, Resistance, Positive Thinking, Knowledge, Productivity, Recognition, Gratitude and appreciation, Continuous improvement.


To experience work in other professional environment and to increase the value and maximize ideal task by improving the operational efficiencies and maximum utilization for the available resources.


Fast Typing Skill
I can type about 82 WPM or 98.7% typing rate. I've been an online seller since 2009 and i have lots of customers online every minute to assist at my open time.  
Multitasking Skills
Good Memory. Ability to abstract and think on several levels. Critical thinking/Reasoning and keen ability to stay focused. 
Excellent Organizational Skills
Ability to work in group as well as independently, Ability to manage own work effectively and prioritize tasks.
Bar Management Skills
  Ability to lead and train people for giving a task and can work extensively with clients to address and meet their business requirements.Able to tend to the needs of customers and can coordinated with developers including planning and preparation of the bar. Ability to do a plan and implement all marketing programs, promotions and merchandising for the system enhancements.  
Proficient in MS Office Applications
MS Word, Excel, Power Point and other Internet service applications.  Visual Basic Database Program, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Editing, Graphic designs, Hand drawn, Introvert writing, sketching,  working knowledge in the use of manual / electric typewriter, laser printer, Photo-copier machine, and other various office equipments. Ability to use e-mails and other software if needed.  
Excellent Sales and Marketing skills
Great Interpersonal Relation and communication skills for company or product promotions.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Marketing Associate/Website Admin

Frontrow Enterprise Inc.

Sales Associate of Marketing company in the health, beauty, and wellness industry in the Philippines.

Website admin of frontrowenterprise philippines for online-based members and future customers.

Helping with putting up advertisements in the media and internet.

Publicize the sale of the company products.

Apr 2012Present

Online Tutor/Translator

EduFire Community

Convert one language into another.

Teach mostly to Korean and Japanese students for English language.

Dec 2010Aug 2011

Social Media Assistant

To me Social Media Marketing is all about Listening, Interacting, Learning and Selling. Gone are the days when we sent out 1000 random emails to sell a product and waited for a response. Push Marketing doesn't work anymore. Social Media has transformed the way business interact with customers. It has become a platform to listen, interact and learn about customer's needs before selling a product. Selling comes as a by product of our efforts to build a relationship with our customer!I help SMEs to:1. manage their Social Media presence2. create a brand name in the online marketplace 3. sell their product/service through Social MediaHow about reaching your customers and most importantly keep them?

Apr 2010Oct 2010

Data Entry Clerk

SVI Corporate Inc.

Enters code (Alpha-numeric or symbolic data from source documents into computer and following format displayed on screen.

Compares data entered with source documents and re-enters correct data.

Compile, sort, and verify accuracy of data to be entered.

Keep the record of completed work.

Jun 2009Aug 2009


All-inn Bar and Grill

Lead and train for giving a task to the staff members and making the floor plan.Worked extensively with clients to address and meet their business requirements.Monitor the cost of kitchen and bar marketing.Tend to the needs of customers and don’t let the guest leave without having an A plus experience.

Coordinate with developers including planning and preparation of the bar.

Plan and implement all marketing programs, promotions and merchandising for the system enhancements.

Manage the payrolls.

Handle and organize events.Been attentive to restaurant cleanliness and practicing “clean as you go” work habits.Responsible for the review, interview and screening of new applicants.Supervise and check around the area.

Aug 2006Aug 2007

Front Desk Officer/Receptionist

Brickroad Fitness

Lead and assist with Gym front office functions and primarily interacting with guests and facilitation gym check-in and check out procedures.

Had the excellency in providing exceptional customer service to guests with my excellent customer relationship management and communication skills.

Jun 2003Jun 2007

Exclusive talent

Modelo Pilipinas Inc.

Pose for artists and photographers for photos to be used for advertising purposes.Stand, turn, and walk to demonstrate features of garments for observers at fashion shows, and retail establishments.Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships Assemble and maintain portfolios, print composite cards, and travel to go-sees to obtain jobs.Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time.Selling or Influencing Others and convincing for assigned new products to promote and to buy merchandise/goods or to otherwise change their minds or actions.Make many quick changes backstage during fashion shows and yet maintain poised appearance before audiences.Wear character costumes and impersonate characters portrayed to amuse children and adults.


Jun 2004Jun 2006

FEU-East Asia College
Jun 2002Jun 2004

2-Year degree course

Thompson Education Direct

Home-Based Study Program

Jun 2000Mar 2004

College Of The Holy Spirit