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Work experience

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Criminal Justice - Policing

Lethbridge College


Social Skills
I really enjoy meeting new people, whether in a formal setting such as a new job or  informal setting such as meeting new people through friends. I like to think of myself as a very friendly, kind individual that is open to new ideas and interests. I have been called a "social butterfly", a "people person" and on one occasion "so nice, its almost weird".
Time Management
Throughout all my schooling I have had to be very time oriented so I could keep up with assignments and all the school work that was thrown my way. In my jobs I have had to watch time very carefully as well. At Viterra I had to make sure that I got the product to where it had to be on time or else everything would get backed up. At Saskcan, I had to ensure that me and my crew worked efficiently enough to complete the task we had that night. 
Problem Solving
I have had to do a lot of problem solving in all my jobs. In each one there has been something go wrong that could not be foreseen and I have had to come up with a solution on the spot to fix it. 
I have been driving for a long enough time that I have a knowledge of the laws and riles of the road. In three of my previous jobs I have been required to drive a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from very small to very large. I have had to drive cars, half ton trucks, three tons, 6 tons, cargo trucks, flatbeds, semis and hydraulic lift trucks. 
Computer Skills
I am able to run basic software that comes on computer such as powerpoint, spreadsheets, word documents, and data sheets. I can also work well on the internet and I am well versed with typing and writing skills. 


Kristin Karppinen

Pete Uhyrn

Gary Paproski


I am currently attending Lethbridge College in Lethbridge Alberta and I am working towards a degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation I will be looking for employment at a provincial correctional facility to gain both valuable life and work related experience for when I decide to apply to a police agency later on in life. 



I really enjoy sports, be it playing them or watching them. I also enjoy doing a bit of volunteer work if the opportunity arises. I have helped with the Rosetown Special Olympics organization, Rosetown Meals on Wheels, the Youth Companion Program, coached Jr. football at my high school and was Vice President on the schools Student Representative Council. I am also very interested in working on my car and hanging out with my friends. 


First Aid & CPR

Canadian Red Cross
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Forklift License

Saskcan Pulse
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Chemical Handling and Storage