Nathaniel David

Nathaniel David


Aug 2008 - Present

Bachelor of Business Administration

Fort Hays State University

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2008 - Present


FHSU Wellness

Maintain and clean equipment

Supervision over Wellness Center patrons

Greet and check ID's of patrons

May 2010 - Aug 2010

Assistant Pool Manager

City of Burlington

Performed general maintenance around pool area

Problem solved with parents and children

Assisted in scheduling of employees




I have always had dreams that are to be the best of the best, no matter what I was doing.  This sets me a part because I strive and work incredibly hard to achieve the highest level possible.  I can use this special skill in any company to provide success no matter the task at hand.


From a young age I have always been a natural leader, from being a captain in all sports in high school to leading small groups in various classes and settings in high school, I always find it easy to lead others.

Strong Work Ethic

When doing a job I am going to work as hard as it takes to complete the job.

Highly Motivated

When faced with a challenge I always find a way to motivate myself a lot, so that I will get the job done as fast and as efficiently as I can


I am a vital part of any group or organization because of my two best attributes, which are ambition and motivation.  I want and strive to be the very best at whatever I am doing.  In my career I will do whatever it takes to become the best of the best in my field.  Along with ambition and motivation I provide vital skills that are hard to learn but I have been fortunate enough to have them my entire life.  These skills include things such as leadership and critical problem solving to name a few.  I will be a major asset to any company and will make it my mission to achieve the highest levels of success.


I have always been interested in sports and most recreational activities.  I also find satisfaction in volunteering and helping out with different volunteer events.  I enjoy being around people as well as meeting new people and creating lasting relationships with them.