Guiding individuals and families to eliminate their financial obligations without creating more monetary difficulties, Consumer Resource Group, Inc. provides a multitude of debt relief tools and services to clients across the United States. The professionals at Consumer Resource Group understand the mental and physical tolls debt can take on a person. To adequately protect clients, Consumer Resource Group specialists help individuals create budgets that efficiently reduce debt while enabling saving for unforeseen circumstances that require monetary solutions.

The Consumer Resource Group Financial Recovery Kit presents users with a set of tools geared toward controlling spending. Showing clients how to obtain credit reports, the materials also explain credit scores. The Kit also features instructional videos and text on various financial topics, as well as information regarding preparing budgets and basic legal documentation.

Consumer Resource Group assigns each client a debt relief mentor who begins the process by conducting complimentary financial evaluations of a debtor’s situation. Once the mentor and client have identified the priority levels of each payment, the mentor subsequently suggests available options based on the client’s eligibility. Debt relief can occur through debt consolidation, management, negotiation, or bankruptcy.

After a relief method is selected, Consumer Resource Group specialists navigate clients through the steps of arranging and maintaining a new payment agreement. Clients also receive insurance to protect them from further financial problems due to unexpected unemployment, as well as access to a discount club that offers reductions on a multitude of expenditures, such as groceries and car rentals.

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