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Work experience

Aug 2009Aug 2010


Tanning Oasis

I worked at Tanning oasis as an assistant for one full year before the company went bankrupt and was forced to close. I loved my job and I took it very seriously. I attended the desk at all times, kept track of the money, answered phone calls, made appointments, and maintaned a clean atmosphere around the work place. Before, during, and after my Tanning Oasis job, I babysat as regularly as possible. This ensures people that I am a very trustworthy person, not only with the office matters but I am also very attendant to children and their needs.


Jan 2010Present


University of Alabama


People Person
I have always been able to interact with any type of person, to me, this is critical. Regardless of the job that he/she is involved in, people will always be very close by, if not directly next to. I am very blessed to be able to get along with just about anyone that I meet. This skill is essential in college because there are so many people that you meet, you really have to be able to look through the bad to see the good. This is something that I sincerely take pride in not only because it makes life a tremendous amount easier, but it also makes my work ethic just that much stronger. 


I am Laura Hough and I attend the University of Alabama. I am a sophmore here and I absolutely love the college environment. I am studying nutrition and would love to someday become a nutritional guide for obesity patients. I am a very hard worker and appreciate how far I have come since I started college a short two years ago. My parents are very influencial roles on my decision to study nutrition because they also have occupations that pertain to health issues and have taught me how important it is to be healthy. I am very interested in helping others be healthy and understand the right way to live a long, heart healthy, nutritious, life style.


My life long goal is to be a nutritionist for obesity kids and to help them understand the way to live healthily. I would like to accomplish this because I feel that this would be such an awarding job not only for me, but the kids would feel much better about themselves and truly appreciate life.


I am interested in outdoors activities the most. I love to be outside and enjoy the nature and it's surroundings. I also love Alabama football, it is most definitely a huge interest of mine. Each and every football game, I was there cheering on the team! The football game itself is not the best thing, but the environment and the outdoor surroundings help inhibit the game so much more!