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Work experience

May 2007Sep 2010

Rubles Concessions

This was a traveling concession stand. We prepared funnel cakes with specialty toppings such as PB Fluff, Cheesecake fruit flavors, and buttercream chip and also doughboys. We also have a trailer that serves specialty items such as mini specialty funnel cakes, this trailer also prepared things such as fudge dipped cheesecake, chocolate bananas, and fudge puppies. While working here i stocked trailers, prepared batters, cooked the product and handled money from working the counter too closing out the box at night. my work experience here was very educational and exciting!


Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts at YTI-Lancaster campus


I have a great love of detail work like painting in pieces and putting together small items. I also have a lot of interest in chocolates.


I plan to graduate from The Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts at YTI-Lancaster in Winter 2012 with as much knowledge as the school and my externship experience could  possibly have cramed into my brain. I then plan to get a full time job and work up some more hands on experience as i go on working my through life aspiring to constantly learn and grow in my skills base.




Filling/Trimming cakes
Mixing/Rolling pie doughs
Basic Piping Skills
I previously have competed in 4-H cake decorating and have been through several cake decorating lessons and practices in my classes.
Cooked Fruit Method
Cooked Juice Method
Knowledge of Baking Processes
I was very well educated in baking processes through out my education especially in intro to baking and international breads.
Knowledge of mixing methods
Mixing buttercreams
Frankly making buttercreams isn't that hard but i do have a healthy respect for the process because even though this is an easy enough product to make if you mess up in measuring, or in cooking the whites and sugar (such as with swiss buttercream) the product won't turn out quite as nicely and the eggs won't be properly pasteurized.
Making pastry Cream
I've made this product several times over in classes and have a good grip on the methods.
Making Pate a Choux
I've made this product several times in classes and i have also made this at home for my sisters bridal shower.
Bread Making
In my second term at Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts i had international breads class. Some of the breads we prepared were White loaf bread, honey wheat loaf bread, Challa bread and cinnamon rolls and danishes.


May 2011May 2016