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Mirnes Sinanovic

Always ready for new challenges in career


To channel my proven capabilities as a Heavy Equipment Operator/MHE Operator and DCP Personn in a position that will fully utilize myextensive experience and training in the transportation and supply industry

Major Accomplishements

  • Possession of class (B, C, E) Operators licenses.
  • Military Licensed in Heavy VehicleTractor Trailers also Tanker trucks
  • Speaking and understanding the English language
  • Numerous Certificates from many organizations reflecting my outstanding performances and
  • Skills with MHE and O&M
  • CLAS A –CDL with HAZMAT and Tankers endorsements 45 ton Lind,45 Ton Civilian Kalmar,26 Ton Military
  • Kalmar,30k,10k,8k,6k,4k,2k, with bucket`s licenses
  • DCP Personn and MHE Trainer

Suporting SSA,FITIP and CLASS-I 

Oct 2010Present

MHE Operator

Dyncorp Internacional KAF Afghanistan 
  • Highly motivated and skilled Operator of: 45 ton Rtch,45 Ton Civilian Kalamr,26 Ton Military Kalmar , 30k, 10k, 8k, and 6k
  • Operating, forklifts, 5Ton truck, Semis hauling lowboys and flatbeds, bobcats,Man lifts and trash truck.
  • Randomly help conduct morning TSTI's and give input to management about preventive Measures to help curve incidents and accidents.
  • Follow managements directions on missions knowing where they are coming from when it comes to scheduling and sharing the work load so a balance is maintained.
  • Go out to work sites and asset jobs so that all precautions are taken to that particular area and best equipment is used for the task.
  • The job can be done so the mission stays going smooth, and safe.
  • Working on all the equipment I operate and welding when needed Installer & Carpenter
  • Analyze equipment requests to determine most efficient mode od uploading and downloading material.
Apr 2007Aug 2010

Tank Driver

Bingo DOO Tuzla,75000 Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Tank Driver Driving tanker for company which provide most food supplies for all Bosnia Refueling trucks and forklifts on tim
Nov 2004May 2007

Heavy Vehicle Operator

Roan Invest DOO  75290 Banovici,Bosnia and Hercegovina
  •  Driving truck with trailer all across Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia Make contacts with new customers and make my delivery always on time to keep customers happy
  • Always do my missions safely




Economy High
  • School of Hard Knox
  • Everywhere I've been
  • Life Experiences and High Skills on How to be a Highly Skilled Worker
  • A lot of people consider education as sitting in a class room. Majority of my education came
  • from hard sweat from the brow and hands on training. I learned to take pride in my work, pay
  • attention to the details and the big picture and do it safe because my education has taught me
  • firsthand what happens when someone chooses otherwise.


Computer,heavy machines
  • Windows and Microsoft software
  • Skilled with Heavy Vehicle operation
  • Diploma and certificate for the transport and handling of hazardous materials and things.
  • Forklift operations
  • Bosnian certifficat in transport
  • Always ready for both independent and teamwork and excellent cope in new environments and also serves well all the equipment
  • Always ready to work under pressure and to get job dene safely
  • We get along great with people and try in every situation the best solution to any mood, because I believe if a man is in a good mood and nemeses problems can certainly do a good job


  • Improving MYSELF by learning more jobs, and I like to work and help others to get the job done
  • Ready to take next step in my career.
  • I’m good with FORKLIFTS because I have experience driving forklifts (4k,6k,10k,30k,45ton Linde,45 Ton Civilian Kalmar,26 Ton Military Kalmar) especially 30K with BUCKET
  • Ready to work where ever work takes me, I’m not afraid to work in the hostile environments


The resume you are reading right now is about me, a man who is highly motivated, dedicated to
getting the job done, and adapts quickly to my surroundings. I am the kind of person you want
around when you want to get a job done.


Levirn Studebaker
TRANS Supervisor
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Robert P Kelley
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Douglas Hadley
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Domitilo Cordoba
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Alvin Sherman
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Eugine Hankins
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Clarck Mcginnis
CRSP MHE Dept. Supervisor
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Semir Alic
Company Director in Bosnia
75290 Banovici
Bosnia & Herzegovina