Mirnes Sinanovic

  • Banovici,Mackovac bb Bosnia and Hercegovina

Always ready for new challenges in career


To channel my proven capabilities as a Heavy Equipment Operator/MHE Operator and DCP Personn in a position that will fully utilize myextensive experience and training in the transportation and supply industry

Major Accomplishements

  • Possession of class (B, C, E) Operators licenses.
  • Military Licensed in Heavy VehicleTractor Trailers also Tanker trucks
  • Speaking and understanding the English language
  • Numerous Certificates from many organizations reflecting my outstanding performances and
  • Skills with MHE and O&M
  • CLAS A –CDL with HAZMAT and Tankers endorsements 45 ton Lind,45 Ton Civilian Kalmar,26 Ton Military
  • Kalmar,30k,10k,8k,6k,4k,2k, with bucket`s licenses
  • DCP Personn and MHE Trainer

Suporting SSA,FITIP and CLASS-I 

Work experience
Oct 2010 - Present

MHE Operator

Dyncorp Internacional KAF Afghanistan 
  • Highly motivated and skilled Operator of: 45 ton Rtch,45 Ton Civilian Kalamr,26 Ton Military Kalmar , 30k, 10k, 8k, and 6k
  • Operating, forklifts, 5Ton truck, Semis hauling lowboys and flatbeds, bobcats,Man lifts and trash truck.
  • Randomly help conduct morning TSTI's and give input to management about preventive Measures to help curve incidents and accidents.
  • Follow managements directions on missions knowing where they are coming from when it comes to scheduling and sharing the work load so a balance is maintained.
  • Go out to work sites and asset jobs so that all precautions are taken to that particular area and best equipment is used for the task.
  • The job can be done so the mission stays going smooth, and safe.
  • Working on all the equipment I operate and welding when needed Installer & Carpenter
  • Analyze equipment requests to determine most efficient mode od uploading and downloading material.
Apr 2007 - Aug 2010

Tank Driver

Bingo DOO Tuzla,75000 Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Tank Driver Driving tanker for company which provide most food supplies for all Bosnia Refueling trucks and forklifts on tim
Nov 2004 - May 2007

Heavy Vehicle Operator

Roan Invest DOO  75290 Banovici,Bosnia and Hercegovina
  •  Driving truck with trailer all across Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia Make contacts with new customers and make my delivery always on time to keep customers happy
  • Always do my missions safely


1998 - 2001


Economy High
  • School of Hard Knox
  • Everywhere I've been
  • Life Experiences and High Skills on How to be a Highly Skilled Worker
  • A lot of people consider education as sitting in a class room. Majority of my education came
  • from hard sweat from the brow and hands on training. I learned to take pride in my work, pay
  • attention to the details and the big picture and do it safe because my education has taught me
  • firsthand what happens when someone chooses otherwise.



Computer,heavy machines

  • Windows and Microsoft software
  • Skilled with Heavy Vehicle operation
  • Diploma and certificate for the transport and handling of hazardous materials and things.
  • Forklift operations
  • Bosnian certifficat in transport
  • Always ready for both independent and teamwork and excellent cope in new environments and also serves well all the equipment
  • Always ready to work under pressure and to get job dene safely
  • We get along great with people and try in every situation the best solution to any mood, because I believe if a man is in a good mood and nemeses problems can certainly do a good job


  • Improving MYSELF by learning more jobs, and I like to work and help others to get the job done
  • Ready to take next step in my career.
  • I’m good with FORKLIFTS because I have experience driving forklifts (4k,6k,10k,30k,45ton Linde,45 Ton Civilian Kalmar,26 Ton Military Kalmar) especially 30K with BUCKET
  • Ready to work where ever work takes me, I’m not afraid to work in the hostile environments


The resume you are reading right now is about me, a man who is highly motivated, dedicated to
getting the job done, and adapts quickly to my surroundings. I am the kind of person you want
around when you want to get a job done.


Levirn Studebaker
TRANS Supervisor
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Robert P Kelley
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Douglas Hadley
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Domitilo Cordoba
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
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Alvin Sherman
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Eugine Hankins
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Clarck Mcginnis
CRSP MHE Dept. Supervisor
Kandahar Air Field Afghanistan
[email protected]

Semir Alic
Company Director in Bosnia
75290 Banovici
Bosnia & Herzegovina