When I'm not coding web applications or researching new IT solutions, I spend my time practicing Kendo and Parkour. I enjoy writing cyberpunk interactive fiction and DJing. In my free time I frequent local meet ups and maker groups to network and collaberate with my fellow colleagues.


Multi-faceted, tallented, intellegent IT Professional and Web Developer with 15+ years of experience supporting clients with technical experience in product lifecycle and system deployment in a multi-system environment.

Specialties in Enterprise Linux(RHEL/CentOS, and Debian based distros), Cloud based infrastructure Administration, and Application Security


Establish a long-term employment in a postition where I can utilize my vast working knowledge of Linux administration, ruby on rails developement, and enterprise-scale system administration using automation, monitoring, while leveraging emerging technologies such as virtualization, and cloud computing.

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2013 - Aug 2013

Linux System Administrator


Linux Systems Administrator – Support department

  • Worked to support customer issues on production servers, as well as managed VPS and dedicated servers running in a Linux/cPanel environment.
  • Maintained and shared personal scripts for investigating common problems and automating daily activities.
  • Responsible for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting popular eCommerce and Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, etc.
  • Dealt with importing, exporting, and making manual manipulations to MySQL databases.
  • Preformed scanning, verification, and risk analysis for Linux-based MTA Proxy mail servers designed for Anti-Mail Abuse Management (Spam, Virus, Content, and Phishing).
  • Preformed scanning, verification, and restoration of comprimised web applications.
  • Designed and executed complex tests for system acceptance and verification of a distributed computer product involving a diverse set of Open Source and Proprietary components.
  • Wrote documentation, procedures, test plans, and test cases.
  • Executed test plans and test cases.
  • Filed Bug Reports (software defects) following industry-standard practices
Mar 2003 - Dec 2012

President / CEO

CompuTEK Industries, LLC

Web Developer Consultant

  • Developed iOS based mail client which intergraded dropbox for file attachments
  • Designed Creative material for Aussie Rock band The Bloodpoets
  • Developed in-site chat system for Silkfair.

Interm IT Consultant

  • Diagnose customer’s computer and check in for appropriate services.
  • Perform on-site Computer Diagnostics and Repair.
  • Automatic and Manual Virus Removal.
  • Advisied Clients on IT solutions for businesses
  • Deployed monitoring solutions using Nagios, SNMP and Monit.
Mar 2011 - Apr 2011

Computer Tech Spt Analyst

Lockheed Martin

  • Offered customer support for computer related issues
  • Data Migration from old XP systems to network storage on Windows 7 environments
  • Installed new Windows 7 Laptops and Desktops for clients
  • Developed Remote migration software that worked faster than the Microsoft tools
  • Transported Assets between multiple job sites.



Unix Shell Scripting and Administration

Experienced using Unix shell scripting to perform various administration tasks on Unix/Linux servers. Familiar with tcsh, csh, zsh, and bash shells as well as crontab and other Unix /Linux applications. Built User Interface applications using shell scripting and dialog(1) Developed command line tools to help in daily operations Authored CGI MVC framework Authored Network monitoring framework with Unit testing in bash Developed an AWK based BBS

MS Windows and Office Suites

I have worked and administrated on window systems from Win3.1and up to Windows 7 Implemented and managed web servers from NSCA and ISS, to Apache and Lighttpd Managed mufti-node samba networks. Worked with MS Office 98 to Present

Mac OS X

  Maintained Apache and OpenSSH servers for PHP based sites. Graphic designed clients creative material using Photoshop CS2 Deployed Rails applications using TextMate as an editor and Git SCM to Apache front ends. Maintained a Wordpress Blog with Ecto Built Obj-c Demo applications and founded The Basecode( project Managed a self published podcast Designed Creative Material Deployed Virtual Machines though Parallels and VMware Fusion Developed Animations using Adobe Flash in ActionScript 2  

PHP Programming

Developed customized CMS, Wiki and Blogging software for clients Implemented dynamic sites using Wordpress, Joomba, Drupal, and Xoops Administrated websites priory written in php. Built templates for sites using Smarty Templates Managed source coded revisions with SVN, Git, and CVS

Version Control Management with SVN, Git, CVS, etc.

Network Security

  Activiely monitored customer's networks to mitigate bruteforce attacks and remove phishing/pharming activity Developed the first pen tester's toolkit before BackTrack Linux was conceived. Used industry leading tools to assess network weaknesses and attack vectors to patch security holes. Implemented 802.1x protocols to administer small networks and allow for "Road-warrior" clients. Deployed Honeypots and packet capturing software to track traffic malicious activity. Reverse engineered C, Perl, Python and Ruby Applications to determine and report protential security risks Pen tested black box systems using industry standard tools for reporting risk anylist

jQuery and Prototype JavaScript Development

  Built UI interactions with websites and mobile applications Used jQuery Mobile to design full interactive mobile applications for Tablets and smartphone devices. Designed a lorem ipsum generator using modular design in Prototype framework. Developed A Live chat system using which used WebSockets for real time communication.

General Graphic Design

Proficient knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, ImageReady (CS2 and below), and Dreamweaver. Proficient knowledge of Open Source Alternatives; GIMP, Inkscape, Eclipse

Standards Compliant Web Programming

Implementation of CSS-based designs for greater browser compatibility and visual control. Code-compliant xHTML and HTML 5 site development. Code structure designed for maximum Search Engine Optimization benefits.

Cross Platform Programming with C, C++, and Obj-C families

Cloud Computing Administration

Administrating Virtual LANs with Xen, VMware and Qemu Built and deployed virtual appliances for Heroku and Amazon AWS Developed a portable cross platform Virtual LAN environment that runs off a pendrive Administrated and Troubleshooted profmance issues on Virtual Private Servers using Plesk

Linux Administration

  Managed Virtual Hosting servers in a Datacenter Environment Deployed Raid and  LVM file systems Managed SELinux, PAM, and Iptables Policies Built and deployed Web, Email, DNS, Database, and Chat servers

Agnostic Ruby Programming

Designed and developed code for both UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms Worked with multiple frameworks(Sinatra, Merbs, RoR, Rhodes) to develop web applications Build ruby gems to modularize code Built ruby on rails plugins as ruby gems for ease of deployment Developed applications that parsed and manipulated XML data. Developed system automation software using pure ruby code.

Agile Project Management

  Used Issue trackers, Wiki's and SCM to maintain a project Held scrum meetings with six team members to keep on task with daily project goals  


May 2010 - Present

Bachelor of Science

University of Phoenix



VMware Certified Professional


Certified Ruby Programmer Silver

Ruby Association




Jun 2013 - Present

CAcert Assurer

Sep 2008 - Present


Linux Professional Institute
Feb 2007 - Present

Red Hat Certified Engineer

Red Hat