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Sep 2010Present

Criminal Justice

Lethbridge College

I am attending the Lethbridge College Criminal Justice (policiing) to gain more knowledge on law enforcement. This program offers physical training and the basics of law enforcement. This program also offers education on ethics in policing, diversity training accross Canada and individuals with special needs training. It also prepares us on how to handle and control aggrivating situations. This program basicly prepares us in all the basics of policing and readys us for further training.

Work experience

Jul 2009Jan 2011

Service Agent

Budget Rent a Car

-Communicating with customers

-Ensuring customer satisfaction

-Safely transporting customers

Nov 2007Aug 2010

Tire Technician

Goodyear Market Tire

-Fixing and installing tires

-Maintaining vehicles

-Cleaning the shop


I am currently a student at Lethbridge College in the Criminal Justice Program and am looking for part time employment. Please find attached a copy of my current resume that outlines my work experience to date. I believe that with my work ethic and ability to work as a team player that I would be an asset to your business

I would be pleased to meet with you, at your convenience, to discuss my qualifications and any opportunities that you may have available.

I can be reached at the numbers listed above.Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


James Gordon


Volunteer Experiance

Saskatoon Bobcats Coach

I was an assistant coach to a bantam hockey team in Saskatoon for a year. I learned many leadership skills and communication skills while doing this. I also learned different ways to work with younger adults and I know I have left a lasting memory in a couple of these players heads.


Physical Shape
-3:52 in the P.A.R.E. test. -Daily workouts -Team sports entire life
-Captain of many sports teams -Provided supervision at work -Strive to make a difference
Critical Thinking
-Thinking on the spot -Making good decisions quickly -Finding facts quickly to determine an outcome
-Communicating to promote ideas -Talking to calm problems -Able to get ideas across