Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2009 - Present

Customer Delivery Manger


Responsible for delivery of websites for internet start-ups including sales and sales support activities, project management, people management and reviews, .Net design review, SQL/database design review, testing, and release management.

  • Delivered five internet start-up sites taking the projects from concept to live site in an average of 4 months each.  Examples include:,,
  • Delivered regularly scheduled post-launch enhancements and successfully gathered a community of users for the public sites.
  • Provided automated testing requirements to regression test existing web sites after weekly code updates to prevent outages.
  • Optimized information for client, standardizing and de-duplicating data.
  • Provided recommendations to New York based financial services organization for a data strategy to simplify and consolidate the organizations data related to Salesforce.
Sep 2008 - Jul 2009

Project Manager

Vertex Computer Systems

Tech Lead on a UNICA Affinium Campaign based projects for National City Bank.

  • Upgrade of Unica's Affinium Detect and Affinium Campaign to currently support version.
  • Intigration of Affinium Detect triggers into an enterprise customer information system.
Apr 2008 - Jul 2008

Project Manager
  • Delivered a series of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects for the Marketing Group, helping reverse's drop in Google’s ranking.
  • Delivered a new income stream within the on-line auto insurance application.
Oct 2000 - Apr 2008

Team Lead


Project delivery focused on Web (Internet and Intranet Applications), Marketing Systems including Unica tools, and Siebel CRM.

  • Drove the process that delivered five strategic recommendations to enhance the percentage of appropriate leads delivery from Affinium Campaign though the marketing systems to the distribution channel(s), specifically Siebel CRM.
  • Performed Proof of Concept with Affinium Detect and Affinium Plan as part of an integrated strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of Unica software for marketing at KeyBank.
  • Delivered, as Project Manager, a new marketing source of prospects into KEY's Siebel CRM in 1 month; supporting a major marketing effort, helping reverse 24-36 months of declining loan balances. 
  • Project Manager that delivered new house-holding data for customers and prospects into the enterprise data warehouse to provide better data and eliminate dependence on an unsupported mainframe product.
  • Project Manager doubled the number of Prospects available for use in marketing campaigns.  14 million prospects were uniquely identified with privacy and DNS (Do Not Solicit) preferences providing richer leads for Affinium Campaign with a moderate increase in conversion rates for those campaigns using these additional prospects.
  • Mentored and coached business partners to move from a waterfall project methodology to a Scrum focused process, delivering feature/data on 30 day (or two week) increments.  Productivity increased as the business unit set direction more effectively.
  • Project Manager delivered complete intranet re-branding, updating the intranet web-site's look and feel using W3C compliant technologies.  After completion, KEY's intranet and internet had very similar "look and feel", making it easier for people to use.
  • Project Manager delivered Siebel data clean-up, responsible for eliminating unnecessary data (about 50%) from two key Siebel tables improving the user experience by reducing application response time.
  • Project Manager delivered a novel middle-ware (Web-Methods) project to use “lull” times to load and update data in KEY's Siebel CRM.  11 million updates were processed in 5 weeks with no user impact.
  • As Siebel Release Coordinator, delivered two major Siebel implementations.  Developed the implementation plan, tracked the progress, and reported to management (and the team) on all the weekend activities.
  • As Siebel QA Team Lead, challenged the team to be more effective.  The team identified almost the same number of defects, but defect resolution time dropped (20%), and the number of test scripts executed increased with fewer people in a shorter period.
  • Provided business and technical requirements to the Siebel development team to integrate marketing information across business units into KEY's initial Siebel engagement.
  • Provided business and technical requirements for the analytical prospect system and the opperational prospect system.
  • As Project Manager, delivered a series of Java based web development projects emphasizing a flexible design framework, enhancing re-use. These projects included new application development and existing application enhancement for internal and external websites ( and others).
  • Delivered multiple successful implementations as Release Coordinator during the quarterly application updates on
May 1997 - Aug 2000

Project Manager

CarTemps USA

Responsible for project delivery at CarTemps USA, an insurance replacement car rental company headquartered in Solon, Ohio.

  • Managed and was a technical participant in EDI projects supporting national reservations, operations, logistics, messaging, rental authorizations and funds transfer systems with 40+ trading partners.
  • Coordinated the production support function providing immediate response to system exceptions and ensuring data integrity in a high volume operation. Coordinated application implementations/changes with Help Desk and others to provide support for 700 headquarters and remote users.
  • Reduced downtime with electronic trading partners by developing a client server application that monitored business activity.
  • Designed database tables and wrote triggers and stored procedures in Oracle for distributed client server applications to shorten project time lines.
Jan 1996 - May 1997

Senior Programmer - Analyst

Gathered requirements and wrote application code for a call center application that was integrated with the phone system which reduced training time and user mistakes though automated customer identification and process automation provided through the application.

Aug 1986 - Dec 1995

Research Assistant

Performed multiple roles within the lab team and extended research group studying Alzheimer's disease and other related dementing neurodegenerative diseases. Performed research experiments; recorded and interpreted results; published results; assisted on research grant applications (NIH and private sources); maintained and ordered lab supplies; managed, tracked, and reported on the funding and expenses. Co-Author on 14 research papers (primary author on one), 7 book chapters, and 37 abstracts.