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Aug 2002Jan 2008

Bachelors in Liberal Arts

Maryland Institute College of Art



Fine Art
Most of my experience at the Maryland Institue College of Art (MICA) was structured around a basic knowledge of the skills of the old masters and traditional lessons on giving the illusion  of representation. I decided to take my freshman concentration classes that were basic drafting and paint skill based classes and decided to pursue a multiple of classes centered around photorealism and concrete concept curriculum. I am proficient in charcoal, conte chalk, and pencil with an advanced level of mastery with each media dry media.
I like to call myself a "fine illustrator" whereas my style is a mixture of illustration and what I believe to be fine art. I use prismacolor markers, colored pencils, pen and ink, gouache, watercolor and acrylic media to do most illustration. I am considerably even in terms of my ability with each listed media.
Graphic Design
I have a working knowledge of logo creation and some usage of vectors with Abode's Illustrator. I have done various simple logos.
Photo editing
I have a considerable knowledge of color correction and clarity adjustment for photo-editing. I have the ability to creat new color compositions from original pictures as well.
I have a considerable working knowledge of digital media such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I also have experience with webdesign creating websites.


I hope to advance my style of art with some more marketable venues and clients. Eventually I wish to gain some recognition as a freelance artist and follow my path as the commissions and my inspiration dictates. I also want to get my Masters in Art Education with homes of some day doing some teaching as well on various levels.


My name is Paul Manning and I am an alumnus of the Maryland Institute College of Art circa 2007. I have received my bachelors in Liberal Fine Arts as well. Currently I am working as a freelance artist and am considering pursuing my masters. I am a Baltimore native who has done work locally in the community via murals and pro bono classes taught via local non-profits. I grew up in West Baltimore near the Liberty Heights Area. I also attended the Baltimore School for the Arts in 1998 for a year before attending school in Laurel, Maryland and then finally graduating from high school in Chapel Hill, NC. I came back to Baltimore for college in 2002 and here we are today...


I gravitated towards the field of art because of my love of comic books and animation. I have a style which has been paralleled to comic art as well. I love modern realistic painters and many of the famous illustrators such as Dean Cornwell, Norman Rockwell, and Robert Crumb to name a few.

Also I have been considering entering the realm of children's books...I love the art and I have always been a fan of those types of stories.