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My name is Peter Barnard and I am a graduating senior at Bennington College in Bennington, VT, studying Architecture and City Planning.  I am currently looking for an internship for the summer while I look for more permanent work to start in the fall, or an internship that can start over the summer and continue through the year.  I am very interested in the areas of "low income" housing, urban redevelopment, urban infill, and rural redevelopment.  I am also interested in architecture firms working on projects involving public or social interaction, trying to push the boundaries of design conceptually in both function and look.

My academic studies have focused on Planning through Architecture and the Social/Political Sciences.  I have completed a number of short internships with City, Town and County planning offices, as well as a CAD outsourcing firm.I am currently working on a two-part redevelopment project for the Town of Bennington as my senior project, consisting of a redevelopment plan and an architectural design for 50 units as the first phase in redevelopment. Previously, I have worked with the City of Albuquerque, NM in the areas of redevelopment, advanced planning, design review and zoning regulation.I have also worked on a Town Master Plan while working with the Bennington County Regional Commission (BCRC).  In 2009 I participated in a study abroad program focused on Sustainable Community Development in western Greece.The program was centered on writing a redevelopment plan for a Small town on the Island of Kefalonia, where I focused on design and reconstruction guidelines, and researched historic construction techniques.  My studies in the social sciences has given me a strong research ability through both primary and secondary sources, and my education at Bennington has often required that I perform field research, weather for architecture, planning, or social psychology.  I have experience with AutoCAD, Google Sketchup, and Microsoft Office Suite, as well as basic exposure to Vectorworks and Microstation.I am highly proficient at architectural representation using traditional drafting methods, as well as experienced in model making, architectural design and oral presentation. 

I will be graduating in early June, at which point I will be available to start the internship.  If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at either my land line, (802) 447-4274, or my cell phone, 651-245-2508.  I am available most days morning and afternoon to talk, and will respond as quickly as possible if I miss your call.

Thank you for your time and interest.


I am interested in finding an Architecture, Development or Planning intership for one to two years between Undergraduate and Graduate school.  I am most interested in Architecture and Planning firms or agencies specializing in "low income" housing, urban redevelopment, urban infill, and rural redevelopment.

Work experience

Sep 2005Present

Cooks Helper/Snack Bar Student Supervisor

Bennington College Dinning Services

Assisted in preparation and serving of food, bakery and snack items for a college of 700 persons.  Dinning Hall features full cafeteria and catering kitchen.  Snack Bar is an open kitchen serving salads, sandwiches and fried food with a coffee bar and convenience store.

Oct 2008Jan 2009


Bennington County Regional Commission
Drafted and review language and policies for the Shaftsbury, VT Master Plan focusing on the areas of Housing and Redevelopment. Worked on the project Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of BCRC. Left internship due to State budget cuts and conflicting course schedule.
Feb 2008Mar 2008


 eLogic Tech is a CAD outsourcing firm based in California, USA, with operations in Hyderabad, India. The firm specializes in AutoCAD, REVIT and 3ds Max, and also operates a software division.

Received advanced training in AutoCAD and Google Sketchup, and performed CAD services for architecture firms in the USA and Canada. Cultural liaison, working with project managers and employees who may visit clients in the US to better understand, interpret and react to American social norms.

The internship was part of Bennington College's Field Work Term, done during a study abroad term between programs in Italy and Greece.

Jan 2007Feb 2007


City of Albuquerque: Planning Department

Prepared documents and presentations, researched cases, reviewed policy, and wrote reports for the Advanced Planning, Metropolitan Redevelopment, and Development Review Offices of the City of Albuquerque, NM. Internship was based on spending two weeks with three different departments to get as wide an exposure as possible during a limited time. Several projects focused on "Big Box" retail, including review of submissions, proposed building and zoning codes, and a survey of Big Box retail in Albuquerque.

The internship was part of Bennington College's Field Work Term during January and February between Fall and Spring terms.

Jan 2006Feb 2006


Wetterling '06

Performed data entry, phone banking, organizing, and general office tasks for a US congressional race. During the internship the campaign switched from being a US Senate to US House of Representatives, requiring closing the old campaign and opening a new one.

The internship was part of Bennington College's Field Work Term during January and February between Fall and Spring terms.


Haima Haldar

Supervising project manager while at eLogic.

Daniel Monks

Supervisor for Senior Project.

Jim Sullivan

BCRC is the regional planning office in South Western Vermont.

Donald Sherefkin

Studied under for 3 years while an undergrad.



Aug 2005Present


Bennington College is a small liberal arts institution that does not offer traditional majors and minors. Instead, the college has students develop their own academic "Plan" under supervision of a panel of faculty members.  The college encourages interdisciplinary study, integrating the various different fields and departments.

Studied in Visual Arts and Social Sciences: Architecture, Photography and Social/Political Interaction Focused on City Development and Planning

Senior Project:

Part 1: Bennington 2020, Redevelopment Plan for the town of Bennington, VT.  Submitted to Town Planning Commission for discussion and consideration, May 2009.

Part 2: Bennington Initial Redevelopment Area Design Study, Phase 1 redevelopment design proposal for the former Benmont Fancy Paper Mill site and adjacent properties.

Apr 2008Jun 2008

AHA International/ AWISH Hellas

Study Abroad program focused on creating a redevelopment proposal for Farsa Village on the Ionian Island of Kefalonia in Western Greece.  Farsa is a small town of approximately 500 (summer population) that was leveled in a devastating 1953 earthquake.  The town was rebuilt lower on the hill and serves primarily as a bedroom community for near by Argostoli.  The program through AWISH Hellas and the Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University worked with the town over several years to develop a redevelopment plan for Old Farsa Village, built higher on the hill above the main road, as a sustainable tourist destination and year-round community with easy access to amenities in Argostoli and other Kefalonian towns.  The final term of the program focused on Sustainable Agriculture and Tourism, Disaster Mitigation, Building Design and Business Planning.


Photographic Documentation
Experience with 35 mm B&W and Slide film documentation.
Microsoft Office Suite
Proficient at Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
Drafting/Architectural Design
Highly proficient at representation using traditional drafting methodologies.
Google Sketchup
Received advanced training in Google Sketchup in Spring, 2008.
Received advanced training in AutoCAD in Spring, 2008.