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With a comprehensive training program for art auction sales professionals, Plymouth Auctioneering Services provides talented individuals to Park West, the largest privately owned art gallery in the world. Plymouth Auctioneering Services pride itself on its ability to find and train the best auctioneers in the industry. Offering the potential to earn a six-figure income and an exciting lifestyle where individuals determine their own success, Plymouth Auctioneering Services opens its doors to those who seek a more adventurous lifestyle. 

After submitting an application to Plymouth Auctioneering Services, qualified individuals are interviewed and assessed over the phone. If it is determined that the applicant possesses potential to be a successful auctioneer, Plymouth Auctioneering Services advances the individual to a selected Park West Academy training program. An intensive 10-day course, the Park West Academy is conducted shore-side, and those who successfully complete this portion of the training advance to the Associate Art Auctioneer program. Plymouth Auctioneering Services focuses on recruiting individuals with strong public speaking skills, a willingness to learn, and a competitive spirit. By carefully selecting applicants based on these qualities, Plymouth Auctioneering Services gives each applicant the best possible chance at success. 

Once aboard the ship, individuals receive paid training. Expenses are minimal and accommodations are covered by Park West. After achieving Associate Auctioneer status, hands-on training is provided, allowing for maximum learning potential while on the job. Associate Auctioneers are taught how to successfully lecture, sell, and market fine art. In addition, Art Auctioneers assist Principal Art Auctioneers as part of the comprehensive training program, which helps individuals to develop invaluable skills and job-related expertise.