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 I hope that my education does not end when I graduate. To truly be a professional, one must never be satisfied with what they know.

My life has been a passionate pursuit of knowledge. Since being diagnosed with a learning disability at age 8 and again at 12, I was subsequently overlooked throughout my entire public school education. When I graduated highschool, I wondered where I would be ten years down the road.

Five years later, I find myself nearing graduation from an esteemed, progressive University and beginning to dip my toes into professional waters. I know where I will be five years from now.

I have a drive that not many others are possessed with, and I can't wait to put it to use in the professional world.


  • One of my most favorite things is music. I listen to almost every genre out there. Also I listen to traditional Punjabi music, classical and contemporary Hindi music and the odd motion picture soundtrack. Some of my all time favorite artists are Interpol, Daft Punk and Queens of the Stone Age
  • One thing that has nothing to do with school or work and with what I will always have passion for is DIY. I love playing around with interior decorating, fashion and designing and sewing my own traditional Indian dresses. Last summer my family and I moved to a new house. One of the best parts was picking colors for walls and coordinating furniture. I also made a window bench/storage chest for my bedroom.
  • From my Punjabi family, I learned the love of cooking and culture. There is not a recipe I won’t try. I get almost as much joy from making food as I do from eating it. And there is not a place in the world I would not go for fear of experiencing something different


To gain the opportunity to work at a profession that will allow me to showcase my existing skills while putting me in new situations that I can learn from on a daily basis.

Writing Samples

Professional Resume

Work experience

Mar 2010Present


Lithium Magazine
  • Since starting with Lithium Magazine I’ve been involved with their musician interviews. Either interviewing them myself or helping create the questions that would be asked of the artists by senior writers at the magazine. When interviewing an artist myself I’ve been responsible for representing my magazine. While talking with both the artist and the record label representatives.
  • I’ve also been responsible for talking with record label PR professionals to get advance copies of albums for music reviews. When I get the album from the record label I am responsible for listening to and writing a competent review. After the review is posted on the magazines’ website I am to follow of with the PR professional from the record label and give them the link to the review so they can post it on their artists’ website.
  • One of the other tasks that I’ve done while working with Lithium Magazine is a Live Review. If there was a live show that the magazine wanted to cover that I was assigned to I would be responsible for getting to the venue and getting the track list. If a Lithium Magazine photographer was not available to come to the show I would be responsible for either getting a picture or going online and getting a press shot with permission. I would also be responsible for the review of the show.


Punjabi Community Health Services
  • In the past three years I have helped with the planning and day to day running the annual kids summer camp and the monthly sistering program meetings. For the kids camp some of my responsibilities were the planning of daily activities and heath conscious snacks and ensuring that everything ran well the day of, which meant organizing and caring for the kids there. An example of one of the tasks I’ve had to do for the sistering program is that I was given a month to plan a meeting for 20 young girls where I had the theme of Self-Respect. I had to plan a group excursion, hold a group discussion and pick a movie all on the theme.
  • Organize other volunteers at public events. Delegate tasks and ensure everyone is where they need to be. At applicable public events I’ve been responsible for the set up and take down of all materials brought and the set up of the venue if need be
  • I’ve helped with the day to day tasks at the head offices when there was a need for it. On some days I’ve been responsible for answering phones and directing clients to the correct councilors when they arrive for appointments.


Sep 2008Present

Bachelor of Applied Arts

University of Guelph
Sep 2008Present

Diploma in Public Relations

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Sep 2007Apr 2008

General Arts and Science Diploma

Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

Transfered to The University of Guelph-Humber with Honors


Computer Savvy
Proficient with many computer programs. I have been working with Microsoft programs for years and have gained valuable experience working with Adobe applications in the last few years in school. Up to date with online applications like Facebook, Twitter (@GaganBath), Linked in,, and Tumblr for example.
Familiar with all required writing skills. Familiar with all required writing formats in the Public sector; press release, feature articles, media kits, appointment notices, newsletters, biographies, social media releases and media alerts.
Great communication skills. Ample experience in working people individually and in groups as large as 12. Great problem solving skills and always taking initiative. Motivating public speaker and team leader.