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When Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital opened its doors in July of 2011 in Staten Island, New York, it brought to its neighborhood a valuable community resource: a full-service animal hospital with a host of important animal health care services available under one roof. Dr. Pasquale Meleleo, the Medical Director and owner of Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, had designed his new facility with all-inclusiveness in mind. His goal is to assure clients that Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital is a one-stop animal health center that can deliver care for a range of needs.Committed pet owners know that having a full-service pharmacy and surgical services located on the hospital premises makes a world of difference in the quality of care their pet will receive. Instead of hoping a pharmacy will have the prescribed medicines and will understand the special requirements of animal dosing, a client at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital knows that the professionals at the clinic are already involved with their pet’s care and are familiar with the animal’s history. In addition, employees can collaborate quickly with the doctor and other members of the Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital veterinary staff if there are any questions. Furthermore, the potential for dangerous drug interaction at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital is dramatically reduced because all of the animals’ medications are filled in one central location.Additionally, Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital removes the stress and worry of having to move a sick cat or dog from the veterinary clinic to another location for surgery. The potential for increased injury or a sudden decline in their pet’s condition—not to mention the additional stress imposed on a suffering animal—can make the trip a harrowing one for pet owners. At Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, animals make just one trip when an emergency happens or an illness suddenly becomes more serious. The staff at Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital knows that the difference between a trip across town and a few steps between rooms is a matter of great importance when quick reactions are vital to a pet’s health. By housing their examination rooms and their surgical facility in one location, Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital in Staten Island, New York, has made difficult situations easier for clients and their pets.