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  • Graduate from University of Arizona with bachelors in marketing.
  • Graduate from top flight graduate school. 
  • Start a well structured marketing firm.
  • Start foundation that gives children of divorced parents free counseling.  

Volunteer Work

OrganizationHours Volunteered

Second Harvest Food Bank-120 Hours

1051 Bing StreetSan Carlos, CA 94070

San Carlos Elms Retirement Home-85 Hours

707 Elm Street

San Carlos, CA 94070


Characteristics that describe me would be that I am driven, a good teammate, and a leader. I developed these characteristics while on my rowing team in high school. My coach asked me to lose 20 lbs in 2 months in order to make a weight class so that we could have enough rowers to field a lightweight boat. I never thought that I was ever driven enough to accomplish anything as difficult as this, but I desired to be the best teammate I could be. So after 2 arduous months I accomplished the goal my coach and I set out, and I lost the 20 lbs. The next year my coach elected me team captain and I developed the leadership qualities I now have through leading team meetings and bringing up problems to the coach when needed. These qualities will help me persevere in the business world.  Over time I will be faced with obstacles that will get in the way of accomplishing my objectives and I will draw on the traits I learned and developed during my rowing career. The leadership and drive I developed will help me lead any organization and keep it moving towards its future goals.


Aug 2010Present

University of Arizona


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word