Systems Engineering

  Systems Engineering Roles:   1.    Requirements Owner 2.    System Designer 3.    System Analyst 4.    Validation/Verification Engr. 5.    Logistics/Ops Engineer 6.    Glue Among Subsystems 7.    Customer Interface 8.    Technical Manager 9.    Information Manager 10.  Process Engineer Coordinator 11.   Classified Ads SE

Software Engineering

Hardware: PCB, component soldering Software: Multisim, ProE Designer, MS Visual Studio, Eclipse Assembly Languages: Microprocessor 8085/86, Microcontroller 8051 HDLs: VHDL, Verilog Databases: My SQL Web Design: HTML, DHTML, XML,PHP,CSS      Platforms: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu), Mac OS X, Win XP/7/8

Electrical Engineering

Hardware: Microcontrollers, Prototyping, Analysis & Troubleshooting, Digital IO & Processor Design, HF Microstrip Microwave Design, Control Systems, Signal Processing, Wireless Communications Software: Matlab, OrCAD Pspice, NI LabVIEW, PSCAD, ADS, AutoCAD, Maple, RSLogix, Firmware Coding, Embedded Software Coding, GUI & Web Programming, MS Office, Acrobat X Pro Programming: C/C++,  Java, Ladder Logic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Excel, HTML Tools: Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Power Supply, DMM, Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzers

Additional Information

New technology, innovation, patents, wireless projects

Career Objective

To utilize my technical skills, knowledge, & hands-on experience in a challenging position within the field of Electrical Engineering & demonstrate my value to an organization during my growth as professional.

Relevant Academic Projects

DVR & SMS Enabled Home Security System                                                                              

Electronic Projects Elective

  • ­Programmed Arduino microcontroller to monitor signal changes from motion detector to the initiate system.
  • Once triggered, an alarm is set off, & a surveillance camera is activated.
  • An audio/video recording is made of the scene & a GPRS/GSM modem shield sends a notification to the user via text as well as a phone call.

Sound Pressure Safety Control System                                                                                          

Final Project for Linear Controls Lab

  • imulated the risk of expose to loud music or noisy environments by designing a method of monitoring time with pressure in reference to official guidelines regarding permissible exposure time.
  • Configured NI LabVIEW with data acquisition hardware to measure analog audio signal data, run it through a programmed loop, calculate sound pressure, disable the speaker, & notify a user via pop-up message when unsafe hearing threshold levels have been reached

Relevant Coursework

  • Linear Control Systems (EEL 4657)
  • Introduction to Communication Systems (EEL 4512C)
  • Electromagnetic Theory (EEL 4471)
  • Electronics I&II + Lab I&II (EEE 4301 EEL 3116L)
  • Electromechanical Systems (EGN 3375)
  • Microprocessors + Lab (EEL 4744)
  • Wireless Circuits & Systems Design + Laboratory (EEL 4423L)
  • Linear Systems Analysis (EEL 4102)
  • Logic Design + Lab (EEL 4705)
  • Network Analysis (EEL 3100)
  • Semiconductor Devices (EEE 4351)
  • Engineering Analysis (EGN 3420)
  • Probability and Statistics for Engineers (EGN 3443)
  • EE Computing Methods (EEL 2161)
  • Electronic Materials & Devices (EEE 3394)
  • Prof. Issues & Design (EEL 4906)
  • Electronic Project (EEL 4935)
  • Business Management (MAN 4802)
  • Negotiation & Management Conflict (MAN 4441)

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2013 - Apr 2014

Systems Engineer

YSI Integrated Systems & Services

Systems Engineer                                                                                                                        

YSI Integrated Systems & Services (Xylem Inc)                                                                                St. Petersburg, FL           

  • Transitioned an acquired company's product line & active sales orders with assistance of Senior Systems Engineer
  • Managed orders using project management software, prioritizing completion given unpredictable inventory arrival
  • Investigated issues with transitioning sales orders & reported status updates in meetings with General Manager
  • Informed Operations Manager of current & potential shortages using improvised historical forecasting method
  • Identified, classified, & converted new acquired inventory, cross-referencing item lists for adaptation into Oracle
  • Achieved organizational milestone of uniform inventory management by piloting the transfer of unaccounted for inventory from manufacturing floor to stock room
  • Initiated Engineering Change Orders (ECO), eliminating errors & duplicate entries from Bills of Materials
  • Cooperated with Lead Systems Engineer for resource allocation in handling increasing order volumes
  • Designed & integrated customer specific sustainable systems for remote environmental monitoring
  • Directed, led, & trained technicians in new system builds, fostering an assembly line approach
  • Configured data loggers to collect multiparameter sensor measurements internally & to cloud host platform
  • Enhanced energy conservation under solar power by programming minimal settings into data loggers & modems
  • Implemented telemetry instrumentationsuch as cellular, spread spectrum radio, satellite/GPS, & Bluetooth
  • Tested final system, validating recorded measurement data, diagnosing & troubleshooting problems down to the board level, as well as archiving wiring diagrams, CAD drawings, & configuration files
  • Conducted conformance checks via First Article Inspections, & quality checks for defects prior to shipment
  • Streamlined Test Report documentation of multi-serial systems by bulk printing using Excel & Mail-Merge form
  • Fulfilled a queue of 20+ inherited past due sales orders of total value close to $1M, & 20+ new orders once merged
  • Published portfolio of initial revision work instructions for new product line per standard system type to facilitate Product Data Management (PDM) in releasing controlled revisions
  • Pioneered the practice of developing work process documentation for integration & assembly of prior established product lines, specifying detailed testing & troubleshooting steps for training & reference
Oct 2007 - May 2012

Technical Support & Sales Professional

Stream Global Services (Convergys Inc)
  • Provided phone support for Dell hardware & software related issues to Consumer, CBG, & SMB divisions
  • Performed troubleshooting with consumers, setting up warranty repair service & providing support to techs onsite
  • Practiced case ownership by following up with customers to verify problem resolution
  • Realized sales opportunities for Dell goods & services while satisfying customers' needs
  • Awarded for exceptional customer service metrics, call quality, & problem resolution
  • Trained & coached incoming personnel in protocols including handling escalations & case documentation
Oct 2006 - Apr 2007

Engineering Intern

Ocean Optics Inc
  • Assisted engineers of multiple disciples on various project related tasks such as researching ultraviolet technology for development of new spectrometer model
  • Trained in programming & debugging C using Visual Digital Signal Processing IDE & development board, gaining exposure to industry hardware & software design problems
  • Interpreted schematics & technical specifications datasheets from various manufacturers to create electronic components inventory database within Access


Aug 2008 - May 2013

Bachelor of Science

University of South Florida



A+ Remote Support Technician




Tim Klychkov

Yuriy Miroshnichenko

Mark Burykin

Andrey Burykin