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Universidad de San Juan
Mar 1970Mar 1975


Universidad de Buenos Aires

Electrical Technician

ENET Otto Krause

Work experience


Director & Partner

Consultora Integrada

Company Profile: Private Consulting Company dedicated to managing and operative advising activities for electrical distribution companies. Due Diligence & Take over processes.



EDP Solar- Energy Consultants

Company Profile  Project managment and operative advising for electrical transmission, distribution and generation companies. Renewable Energies.  Development of ground mounted, utility scale Solar Projects. Feasibility Studies. Financial Modelling. Technical assessments and auditing.


Operations Manager


Company Profile Private company devoted to the construction and development of large real estate projects, Developer of the most emblematic Shopping Centers of Buenos Aires Argentina (Patio Bullrich, Galerias Pacífico, Alto Palermo, Shopping Soleil, among others); Actual developer and constructor of a large mixed uses real estate project , Madero Harbour , Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires Argentina

Feb 20082009

Electrical Energy Business Director


Main Responsibilities: Development, construction and operation of thermal and wind electrical power generation projects.

Company Profile: EMGASUD SA provides natural gas distribution and transport services, Power generation and Gas Pipes construction. Develops and leads power projects based on renewable resources and/or use modern thermal generation technologies. EMGASUD SA already operates or is near to operate, electrical generation assets with a total installed power higher than 350 MVA.

Through its controlled company, Enersud Energy, competes in the highest level of natural gas and power derivatives commercialization within the Argentine energy market.

Feb 2006Nov 2007

Engineering Director

Valle de las Leñas Ski Resort

Main Responsibilities :

Since Jan 2006 to March 2006: ADVISOR in electrical systems, services and construction.

Since Apr 2006 to Nov 2007:Engineering Director of Nieves de Mendoza SA(NDM) and of Valle de las Leñas SA (VLL), Member of the Executive Committee of VLL,  from Jun2006 Vice-president of Nieves de Mendoza (BOD), and Chairman of Santa Rosa del Monte SA (BOD)

Company Profile:The Nieves de Mendoza holding controls diverse assets mainly dedicated to farm activities, real estate and tourism. The Holding owns important assets as: emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires City, more than 500000 Has in lands and an international well known Ski Resort - Valle de las Leñas


Chief Technical Officer


Main Resposibilities

Since Sept. 2001 to Nov 2001: ADVISOR , member of the PSEG Advisor Team devoted to the Take Over, reorganization and reengineering process of EDEERSA. Reports to CEO

Since Nov 2001 to 2004 CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER (CTO)

Leading a highly trained professional team distributed in 4 Management Divisions:

  • Constructions Division
  • Engineering Division
  • Planning Division
  • Quality of Service and LLW Division

Served on the boards of EDEERSA and INVERDERSA (Director and Chairman respectively)

Company Profile:The Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad de Entre Ríos Sociedad Anónima, EDEERSA, was one of the leader companies in the Electric Argentine Market providing electricity to more than 235.000 clients in its concession area. A PSEG Company since May 2001.

Jan 2000Sep 2001

Project Manager-AES Parana CC


Main responsibilities : EPC Contracts Co-administration, Negotiation, Institutional Relations, Technical advisor, Project Technical and Administrative Audit , Report to PSEG Shareholders and Partner Relations.

As Project Manager of PSEG Americas was the unique and main responsible of PSEG in the Project Site during the Construction and Commissioning period. (2000-2001). During the mentioned period reported to the PSEG Regional Manager with headquarters in Buenos Aires. Additionally served in the BOD.

Project Description:The AES Paraná generation Project consists of the construction and operation of a 845 MVA combined cycle gas-fired generation plant using the latest technologies with a total cost of US$ 448M. The Project also includes the construction of a HP Gas Pipe Line, a HVOL and two 500 kV HV stations. Construction and Operation of the Project was sponsored by two of the world’s premier power developers and operators: the AES Corporation with an ownership of 67% and PSEG with 33%.

Jan 1996Dec 1999

Construction Tecnical Manager CTO


Main Responsibilities: Project Engineering, Negotiation, Contracts Administration, Construction and Erection Works Management, Procurement and Planning.  Group’s Technical Counselor.

Company Profile: Transnoa S.A. concentrate its activities in Power Transmission (HVOL Transmission up to 400 kV) in the North West Region of Argentina. (Provinces of Catamarca, La Rioja, Tucumán, Salta, Jujuy and Santiago del Estero.)

Jun 1994Jan 1996

Technical manager CTO


Main Responsibilities: Project Engineering, Negotiation, Contracts Administration, Construction and Erection Works Management, Procurement and Planning.  Group’s Technical Counselor.

Company Profile: A IATE Group Company devoted to the management of privatized Power Generation and Transmission Systems

Managed Power Systems:

Electric Power Generation of the Northwest

Electric Power Generation of the Northeast

Electric Power Generation of the Patagonia

Electric Power Generation of the Littoral

Electric Transmission System of the North East

Sorrento Power Station



Main Responsibilities:


Company Profile: IATE was an Argentine manufacturer of Industrial  Low, Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment.  Also was Licensee of Merlin Gerin and Magrini Galileo..


Electromecanica Argentina

 Main Responsibilities:

  • 1975 Budget Analyst Engineer
  • 1977 Project Supervisor Engineer
  • 1979 Project Department Manager Assistant
  • 1981 Project Department Manager

  Company Profile: EMA was one of the largest Argentine manufacturers of Low, Medium and High Voltage Electrical Equipment  (during the seventies and eighties). Licensee of GE, BBC and SACE products.



A results oriented professional specialized in Operations Direction (COO) or Technical Direction (CTO) at companies devoted to public services, real estate, tourism, industrial activities, power generation, consultancy, Hi Tech electrical manufacturing, construction or engineering. Long experience and expertise developed at energy electrical markets and valuable background in infrastructure construction.

Management of large green field projects (Extra High Voltage Overhead Lines- EHVOL., Transformer Stations, Large Combined Cycles Power Plants, and Gas Piping. EPC contracts administration. Environmental protection policies.Take Over & reengineering experience.Valuable experience in Design & construction of Power and Distribution Equipment.


·Unquestioned personal and professional integrity.

·Mature, with significant credibility and positive demeanor.

·Good interpersonal and communication skills.

·Experienced Team player, leader, manager and motivator of people.

·Ability to handle complex situations.

·Flexible approach in dealing with governmental authorities.

·Ability to adapt to change.

·Good judgment in decision making.

·Planning and strategic analysis ability.

·Experience with public speaking and media relations.

Courses & Seminars

  • Cad/Cam System Manager / M&S Computing. / Huntsville / USA
  • Cad/Cam Operator/ M&S Computing / Huntsville / USA
  • Cad/Cam Administration / M&S Computing / Huntsville / USA
  • Orientation Period in American Distribution Companies / PSE&G New Jersey / USA
  • Finances- Update Course / SIGonline/ Paraná
  • Hydrothermal Systems Administration / CAMMESA / Rosario
  • Quality Assurance / ASADECC&C/ Bs. As.
  • Transactional Analysis/ 3M / Bs. As.
  • Air Conditioned Systems/ Surrey / Bs. As
  • Canning Manufacture Systems/ Centenera Envases. / Bs. As
  • LLW (TCT), Safety & Environmental International Meeting / Salto Grande /Uruguay
  • SOA 95' Gas Turbines/ General Electric / Bs. As.
  • CIDEL2002 / Buenos Aires
  • OHSAS Standard 18001 / Det Norske Veritas






Seeking executive leadership positions in traditional energy generation and /or, renewable energy generation , Utilities and Power Transmission companies; and executive management opportunities across industries where my skills, experience and background can be transferrable and put to use to lift organizations to new levels of performance. 

Other Professional activities

·Consultant member of the Switchgear Commission at the INSTITUTO DE RACIONALIZACIÓN ARGENTINO DE MATERIALES (IRAM).(Argentine Standards Organism)

·Research & Development of Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment for Internal Arc. Training in foreigner companies.SACE (GRUPO ABB), BERGAMO, ITALIA

·Carry out of many destructive and non-destructive tests, for research & development, in medium and high voltage electrical equipment. Tests were done in different International Electrical Laboratories.CESI, MILAN, ITALIA 1980, 81CEPEL, RJ, BRASIL 1985, 86, 87, 88, 89, 96

·Revision and technical expert reporting of Merlin Gerin High voltage (500kV) equipment (Power Breaking switches and Switches) at Schneider Electric Manufacturing Plant - Itajai - Brazil . Materials destined to Combined Cycle 845 MVA AES Parana Project

Orator in several seminars and/or courses, namely:

·Introduction to the use of the gas SF6 in medium voltage switch-breakers /IACRE

·The use of SF6 switch-breakers in medium voltage switchgears. /E.P.E. STA.FE

·Evolution of medium voltage switchgears and its techniques /ELECTROTECNIA 88

·Internal arc proof medium voltage switchgear

·    Preventive maintenance of medium & high voltage equipment


·Institutional Relations about regulatory policy at:

Ente Nacional Regulador de la Electricidad

EnteProvincial Regulador de la Electricidad de la Provincia de Tucumán

Ente Regulador de la Electricidad y otras Concesiones de la Provincia de Catamarca Ministerio de Economía-Secretaría de Energía de la Nación

Secretaría de Obras y Servicios Públicos de Catamarca


EnteProvincial Regulador de la Energía (Entre Ríos)

Secretaria de Energía de Entre Ríos

·Environmental Studies for several electromechanical projects

·Orator at ENRE Public Audiences (Convenience & Public Necessity Certificate)