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Mar 2007Nov 2008

Tier II Premier Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc.

I am a recent graduate of  M-TEC, Inc. where I was a Tier II Premier student.  My training consisted of authentic physician dictation using the System Unit Method (SUM) from Health Professions Institute and AHDI, along with additional hours of practice dictation from major transcription employers.I transcribed over 810 reports and 2425 minutes of dictation in the Premier program under the supervision of Harriet Stewart, CMT,AHDI-F.  I also participated in a work simulation lab through Webmedx, where I experienced what it is like in an actual work environment and could experience working from home for a national service.


Bachelor of Science

California University of Pennsylvania

Obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from this university, with internship for the last year of study at the Benedum Center, Western Pennsylvania Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA.

Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Dictaphone Medical Transcriptionist/Speech Recognition Editor

Medware, Inc.

I work online doing Speech Recognition editing for a large clinic in Boston.


To begin a new career as a medical transcriptionist where I may utilize my skills already obtained through my career as a medical technologist and build upon the skills that I possess in medical transcription until I excel in this profession.

Reference Materials Currently Owned

Medical Language by Susan Turley

Medical Transcription Techniques and Procedures

H&P: A Nonphysician's Guide to the Medical History and Physical Examination by HPI

Human Diseases by HPI

AAMT Book of Style Electronic, Second Edition

Stedman's Medical Dictionary

Stedman's Abbreviations, Acronyms & Symbols

Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference

Stedman's Radiology Words Book

Stedman's Pathology & Lab Medicine Words

Stedman's GI & GU Words Stedman's Orthopaedic & Rehab Words

Steadman's Cardiology & Pulmonary Words

Vera Pyle’s Current Medical Terminology


Available upon request.

Professional Organizations

Member, AHDI

Member, Student Alliance


My goal is to secure a position working for a national transcription service company as a medical transcriptionist. My training at M-tec was invaluable, and I plan to continue to advance in this career through certification as a registered medical transcriptionist and then eventually a certified medical transcriptionist. I feel comfortable also to know that I will always have the support of my instructors at M-TEC as well as the ability to better my skills through continuing education given by this institution.

I feel my knowledge obtained as a medical technologist will also be a valuable asset to me in this field, but as a medical technologist, I reached a plateau and felt stagnated. By choosing medical transcription, my goals will only be set my myself! The more proficient I become, the more rewarding my career will be. It also provides me with an opportunity to work from home, and if I choose to branch out into other avenues such as editing, etc., I could do that as well.



American Society of Clinical Pathologists