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Pinnacle Environmental is a Canadian company whose activities revolve around the management and treatment of wastewater from sewage systems and industrial activity. For years now, the company has been working with both local and national authorities in a bid to ensure clean water for Canadians and protect sources of natural water. Pinnacle also handles septic systems and is constantly working on technologies that make septic activities safe as well as efficient. All these activities are carried out with the motive to safeguard human health as well as the environment. Other services offered by the company include grease interception, nutrient removal and pump& control activities.

The president of pinnacle, Mr. Frank Hay, has served in various capacities in the wastewater management industry, with most of his roles being administrative. His career has spanned over three decades now. Currently, Mr Hay is a member of a raft of waste management boards, including the Canadian Standard Associations Committee, the Ontario Waste Water Professional Development Committee and a host of others across Canada.

Pinnacle Environmental Technologies Inc.
22867 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC V2Z 2T3
Tel: (866) 514-7555