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As a student who is going to graduate, I am full of enthusiasm and motivation. University taught me professional acknowledge, treated my analytical ability, and improved my ability to work with others. The experience of study at FHSU, especially strengthened my English level.

I am ready…. 


As every one at my age, I am a big fun of sports. I am interested in many sports events. From snooker to football, I like watch every kind of matches, and I can play most of them. Soccer is my most favorite sport, especially the free kicks. I am a good free kick player. 

New technology is another most interesting thing for me. I like to read the news about it, and the long-time accumulation makes me can easily handle most daily technology problems. Such as to debug computers. 



Sep 2010Present

Bachelor of General Study

Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University and  NWUPL  are partner schools, they set up an one year exchange program. Benefit by this program, I got the chance to study in America and will receive me second degree here. 

Sep 2007Jul 2011

Bachelor of Economic

North West University of Politics and Law

North West University of Politic and Law is one of the most famous four law schools in China. Its students are the main power of judicial system. The business school is a fresh power of NWUPL, but it improves every year.