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Pieter Pottas

A Senior Management executive with strong Operational background and 25+ years of multinational experience in Asia.

Work experience

July 2008 Present


UD. IAGO, Indonesia

Overview: UD. IAGO also known as Indonesia Agricultural generated Oils, was formed in July 2009. Director and founder of IAGO, provide consultancy and business development services for Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing and Operations. Located in Bali/Medan specialize in natural resources development, Business Operations, Business evaluations, and provide intern senior management services.  as a executive and project management outsource company and operational management consulting.  With a strong engagement in trading, marketing, sales, operations management, project management, agriculture, renewable energy, bio-fuels, engineering and manufacturing and also specialized in providing expertise to a strategic project or to fill a mission-critical skills gap.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Redesign client internal procedures and controls to track contract development and vendor payments.
  • Establish Key performance Indicators for all operating departments
  • Introduce numerous managerial/operational improvements including computerized production of backlog reports, staff cross training and resource redeployment
  • Conducted internal audits to identify systematic problems. Personally visited and evaluated majority of programs eliminating poor performers. Assign accountability to each manger to ensure adherence to new standards and policies
  • Setup new agency payment processing systems to tighten cash management and reduce payments from 90 to 5 days allowing all agencies to continue operations without disruption
  • Successfully negotiated land to build 5 satellite extraction plants for Jatropha oil in Indonesia.
  • Negotiate joint venture with government to invest in pilot biofuel refinery
  • Defined client Company's business strategy, support the primary supply chain and sales.
  • Inject specialized expertise for a strategic or change management project.
  • Provide experienced executive support during the start-up phase of a new company.
  • Project Management for Companies that undertake major strategic projects
  • Source and negotiate new investments growing business by acquisition.
  • Crisis Management, preparing succession plans and successors into executive positions
  • Mergers and Acquisition engagement.
  • Establish and develop Strategic planning and expansion with a focus on business growth.
  • Identify opportunities to grow and expand businesses.
  • Expand companies market share and establish product as a household name
  • Analyse contract performance for bids, budgets and forecasts.
  • Design financial model and budget for new business unit..
September 2014June 2018

Group General Manager

Australia Resources Sdn Bhd
  • Multinational Joint Venture Company with operations in mining, logistics and manufacturing operation that controls and develop commercial mining, quarries and agricultural property in various states in Malaysia and with explorations in Indonesia. Served on the board of directors and acted as the shareholders surrogate at various functions. Accountable for staff of the operations managed through direct reports. Provided fiscal, strategic and operational leadership to reduce indebtedness and improve operating results. Follow up business opportunities, revamped internal procedures and controls, reorganized/ reallocated staff and implemented best practices and performance monitoring systems in support of continuous improvement and cost control.

    Notable Accomplishments:
     Turned results from RM 1.2 million loss to RM 150K gains in first year.
     Performed complete audit of internal processes diagramming all business workflows. Eliminated redundant positions and outsourced specialty functions.
     Conceptualized and implemented creative and compelling marketing program that increased revenues by 8%.
     Withdrew and sell of under-performing businesses from operations, invest in high potential and financially constrained operations during the economic downturn.
     Negotiated and secured a lease extension with the Lands Department for more than 600 hectare ex tin mining land for mineral extraction and agricultural uses
     Reduced corporate indebtedness by 10% with new joint venture tenures.
     Introduce new silica sand business increased gross revenues by RM 5 Million per annum
     Negotiate reduced shipping rates contribute to $550 k saving per shipment, by guaranteeing 2 shipments per month of mixed cargo
     Reduce factory operating cost by 12% with restructuring

August 2011August 2014

Director Operations

Ho Wah Genting Bhd
  • Reporting to the owner and CEO, holding a double portfolio as Director Operations for the Mining and minerals beneficiation operations as well as Group General Manager for the magnesium processing operations controlling total of EU 130 Million multinational Mining and Manufacturing operations inclusive of the 800 acre Dolomite mining and crushing facility in Sg. Siput. Ho Wah Genting also controls 800 ha Tin mining concession complete with crushing and minerals processing plant. The Magnesium possessing smelting plant is located on 65 acre industrial land in Perak. Served on the board as non-executive director and acted as the shareholders surrogate at new business negotiations. Accountable for staff of the operations managed through 12 direct reports. With full P&L responsibility, provided fiscal, strategic and operational leadership and improve operating results. Follow up business opportunities, develop KPI’s, do yearly performance appraisals, revamped internal procedures and controls, reorganized/reallocated staff and implemented best practices and performance monitoring systems in support of continuous improvement.
    Notable Accomplishments:
     Successfully negotiate alluvium mining concession as lease extension with local government, increase tin production by 4 metric ton to per day with revenue value of USD 2.8 million per year.
     Negotiated and establish a LED lighting joint venture complete with a government supply contract to upgrade government building in to low energy consumption facilities, with a total value of RM 127 million over live of contract.
     Recover the Magnesium operational losses by establishing a market for low cost magnesium ingots and negotiate a supply and offset agree with end-users in the USA, with a revenue value of $58 million
     Reduce maintenance and operations cost at the magnesium plant by 8% annually, spearheading capital investment program natural gas supply.
     Reduce Tin Mining cost by Rm. 560k per year spearheading new electricity supply project.


Group General Manager

CVM Minerals

Managing and developing the mining reserves as well as the processing operations for CVM Minerals Sdn Bhd,  ("CVMSB", formerly known as Commerce Venture Magnesium Sdn Bhd), and part of the Ho Wah Genting group of Companies. CVM is operating a magnesium smelter located in the State of Perak in Malaysia. The magnesium smelter namely Perak Magnesium Smelter occupies an area of 65 acres in the Kamunting Industrial Park in the State of Perak and has plans to employ more than 300 employees.

Nov 2003Nov 2008

Country Manager and  Director of Operations 

Imerys (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Reporting to Group Vice President of Asia Operations in Singapore. Manage multi sites, internationally as well as locally from the head office in Kuala Lumpur. Full management and P&L responsibility for the Malaysia and Thailand mining/quarry operations inclusive of powder and slurry production, logistics, sales, maintenance, new engineering projects, production packaging and warehouse inventories with a shared operational, capital investment, logistical, raw material supply and cost management responsibility for India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Prepare and manage annual operational and capital investment budgets. Manage cost and sales, growing the business through new market share and acquisitions. Manage the International and domestic inventories and supply chain of raw materials and final products. Spearhead new capital investments and engineering projects. Manage all aspects of operational planning, strategy implementation and execution of new projects/acquisitions with focus on high value, low cost production. Served on the board as non-executive director with team decision making responsibility at new business negotiations. Accountable for staff of the operations managed through 13 direct reports. With full P&L responsibility, provided fiscal, strategic and operational leadership and improve operating results. Follow up business opportunities, develop KPI’s, do yearly performance appraisals, revamped internal procedures and controls, reorganized/reallocated staff and implemented best practices and performance monitoring systems in support of continuous improvement.

Notable Accomplishments:
 Incorporate local business into the global corporate operations.
 Turned around a underperforming business unit and restored profitability in the Malaysia and Thailand operation and boosted productivity by 34% by optimizing plant efficiency and productivity
 Initializing a recycle program that revered losses into profits, generates $300k annually.
 Develop markets for waste and by-product generating profit exceeding $1 million annually
 Played a key role in increasing sales from $68 million to $74 Million in one year through effective sales and operations management strategies
 Reduce maintenance and operations cost by 11% annually restructuring packaging and inventory control.
 Improve on time delivery from 39% to 86% within one year by implementing production and sales plan strategies based on teamwork, quality and customer satisfaction goals
 Successfully negotiate the acquisition of a quarry in Malaysia with a 17% reduction on asking price.
 Reduce logistical cost by optimizing land and sea transport.

Mar 2001Oct 2003

Operations Manager

Cargill (Pt Hindoli)

Responsible for all aspects of business development, with focus on expanding Indonesia markets. Manage all operations,, inclusive of manufacturing facility, shipping, planning, strategy implementation and execution of manufacturing strategies with focus on high value, major customers and exports.Manage and deveolp the Cargill Palm Oil Mill Installations each of 120-ton/hr and plantation infrastructure in Sumatra, Indonesia. Develop and upgrade existing installation complete with expansion. Project value US$ 26 million

Feb 1998Feb 2001

Chief Engineer/Group Mill Manager

Common Wealth Development Corporation, Pac Rim Plantations

Manage and develop the operations and infrastructure of 80000 hectare and 12000 Hectare small holders for Pacific Rim Plantations Palm Oil project, located on multiple sites, a Common Wealth Development Corporation initiative, with three supporting 60 mt/hr palm oil mill and 20 000 ha Cocoa operation in Papua New Guinea. Project value US$ 16 million

Jan 1994Jan 1998


PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper

Erection, Commissioning and Maintaining a Pulp and Paper project in Sumatra Indonesia for the RAPP ( APRIL) Garuda Mas group.

  • Plant erection and commissioning. (Fiber Line, Woodyard/Chipping, Boilers, Chemical Plant, Paper/Pulp Machines and Lime Kilns).
  • Monitor quality and build as per drawing
  • Liaise with contractors and locals and ensure safety awareness on site.
  • Monitor various erection projects and report on completion and status.
  • Plant maintenance and planning, control and set-up engineering projects
  • Long and short term maintenance planning and budget preparation.
  • Training
  • EHS development 

Maintenance Superintendent

Mondi Craft, Pulp & Paper

Mange the Maintenanceand engineering departments inclusive of project management for Pulp and Paper projects in South Africa and Swaziland.

  • Manage commissioning, upgrading and maintenance of all plants in multiple sites.
  • Monitor quality and daily Maintenance.
  • Control cost and manages budget.
  • Plan, Monitor and execute various erection projects and report on completion and status.
  • Plant maintenance and planning, control and set-up engineering projects and upgrading projects.
  • Maintain ISO 9000 and OSHA.

Project /Maintenance Foreman

Sasol Petrochemical, Secunda

Project planning execution, erection, commissioning and upgrading with total Maintenance and training responsibilities on project completion of the Petrochemical refinery in South Africa.

Planning and maintaining of Petro chemical installations and Oil Refinery inclusive of gas reactors, light oil separation, turnaround reactors, Oxygen plant, chemical separation, and ammonia plant.Monitor and supervise installation quality and safety standards. Manage safety systems and procedures.Maintain ISO 9000.1400, OSHA and ASME standards for pressure vessels Manage daily mechanical maintenance complete with all maintenance planning


Evaluator/surveyor & Miner

Harmony Gold Mine,

Mining evaluations in underground mining operation. Do sampling, surveying, geological inspections, mine planning and development, complete with cost efficient mining plans and recommendations. Budget control



South African Defense Force


Technical Collage 



BSc. Engineering 

Trinity Collage 

BSc. Business Administration

Washington University



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