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Having finished my computer science Master with software architecture as specialty, I am now looking for opportunities in the software engineering field. Thanks to my 2 years long apprenticeship with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as a software engineer, I've had the chance to work on many different subjects (details in the Experience section) and have learned a lot from great work colleagues.

Passionate about new technologies, I enjoy reading technical papers about many different subjects and learning about new concepts. Being a fast learner, I'm not afraid to learn to use new technologies or programming languages and actually see it as a benefit to my own development, learning new things is always good and, in my opinion, contributes to staying open-minded.

Having a few areas of interest, such as music (playing, composing, production), photography, video games oriented technologies (architecture, rendering, physics, AI, procedural generation) and others, I consider myself as being creative, and try to think out of the box.

I am currently looking for new opportunities in Europe and would be available right away.

Specialties: Software engineering, software development, software architecture, algorithms, problem solving, 3D, 3D engineering, application development, game development, programming, C++, Qt, C, Java, OpenGL, Unity, C#

Work experience


Software Engineer

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Having done my Master's Degree in apprenticeship, I was part of a R&D team working on the PC client of a telecommunications solution : OpenTouch Conversation. My job consisted of developing and integrating new features in the application, written mainly in C++ and using the Qt Framework.

Some of the features/projects I have developed :

  • A testing application simulating the reception of a video stream as in the OpenTouch Client. This application is used to ensure that our OpenGL plugins for decoding videos are working correctly.

  • Writing and maintaining OpenGL decoding plugins, used to support various low level video formats ( NV12, YUYV, ... ).

  • A functioning proof of concept allowing the reception of multiple incoming video streams simultaneously in a conversation, now integrated in the client.

  • A generic component used to add a zooming capability to any GUI object. Currently used on live videos in a conversation and on screen sharing.

  • Integration of a new in house developed screen sharing library to replace the old one, adding new functionalities and new technologies. Also reworked and redeveloped parts of the library to make it work with the Websocket protocol.

  • A remote control solution using the RFB protocol, allowing a user to control the computer of another user. The core code is integrated in the screen sharing library, new APIs were developed to access these functionalities, and the integration in the client was done, from updating the GUI to implementing those new features.



Master's degree

Polytech' Nice
  • Software architecture
  • Software architecture for cloud computing
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Reverse engineering and maintenance
  • Domain specific languages
  • Mobile application development (Plateforme logicielle pour l'informatique mobile)
  • Genericity and meta programming in C++
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D engineering

Master's degree ( First year )

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Software engineering (Génie logiciel)
  • Solving methods (Méthodes de résolution)
  • Fundamental computer science (Informatique fondamentale)
  • Advanced system (Système avancé)
  • C++
  • Parallel programming
  • Cryptography and security

Bachelor's degree

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis