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Extensive experience in airline pricing and distribution. Experienced fare filling in ATPCO, Amadeus Fare Manager and Fare Expert, Galileo APF. Strong analytical, good decision-making skill. Result oriented and focused on delivering according to target. Ability to prioritize work efforts to reach best possible results. Ability to manage changing demands under high pressure. Appreciates and motivates by challenges. Good conceptual understanding of market dynamics. Knowledge in Revenue managment theories and concepts. Trainer of CRS/GDS in any public/private academy.

Work experience

Jul 2007Aug 2009

International Pricing Manager


* Responsible for quality assuring that pricing structure is kept within product segment guidelines. * Assist and guide revenue managers on local pricing structure changes. * Decide pricing structure on via product offering. * Evaluate discount proposals from Sales to Corporate clients and give recommendations. * Monthly fare structure report for full market with analysis and comments/recommendations forwarded to Revenue Managers. * Fare basis analysis by route/area based on flown information. * Fare vs revenue value by booking class. * Analysis and reporting of general price activities across full market. * Communications with partners. * Monitor and determine fuel surcharge.

Sep 2008Oct 2008


Feb 2002Jun 2007

Negotiated Fares Specialist

Fuerza de Ventas. Grupo Spanair

* Fare filling of negotiated/private fares for different CRS. * Fare filling in ATPCO, Amadeus Dynamic Discount fares and Fare Manager, Galileo's APF. * Negotiation of fare filling contracts with airlines, consolidators and travel agencies. * Consulting for best filling methods of different negotiated/private fares.

Mar 1998Sep 1998

Sales Representative

DA Sport S.L
Mar 1993Jan 1997

Day time Chief Entertainer

Sol Melia


Ana Espallardo

“During his time in the Pricing department of Spanair, Piero has proven to be a highly efficient person who delivered quality work and had good attention to detail. Enthusiastic, reliable and focused on targets, I would definitely employ Piero again.” 22 de septiembre de 2009

Ramón Ferré

“When resources are not generous, the reliability, experience and positive attitude makes the difference. Fortunately we have Piero. His solid knowledge, analysis skills and cost-benefit behaviour makes him the perfect team-mate in this business. Piero is the one you can trust. Reliable, listener and well prepared. Fortunately our sales people have someone like Piero to stand upon.” 8 de julio de 2009

Javier Costana

“Piero desarrolla su trabajo con una gran profesionalidad, mostrando en todo momento interés en la mejora, así como la consecución de los objetivos establecidos. Tiene facilidad para la visión global, lo que le permite tener unos resultados en su trabajo muy completos, que favorecen el desarrollo del departamento en su totalidad.” 23 de agosto de 2009



Business Administration

University of Louisiana at Monroe [ Editar ]

Physical Education

Mclennan Community College [ Editar ]