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Work experience


Project Manager - Sysadmin - UX Architect

Polymedio Networks

My main role in every project i was involved in, was to lead the team, to give their best and achieve goals in a comfortable environment, giving example of how to try being a better person each day, meanwhile we put effort on being better professionals.

Project Manager and more...

I led every aspect of each project, from concept or idea, to design of the user experience (UX Architecture), mock ups, documentation for designers and programmers, distribution of tasks in an Agile Development environment for continuous deployment, control of milestones identifying problems ahead of time knowing very well how each person involved worked, i was leading scrums, quality control of tickets solved and review of "will not fix" and closed ones too.

In every project we've made, i was the main Copywriter (Spanish and English), and worked with the Content Creators and the SEO, to achieve goals on traffic and then conversions, so called "Inbound-Marketing".

I was a Community Manager even before that role was created, and managed a team of Community Managers selected by myself, to lead our communities, training them on how to communicate correctly with people to keep them loving our network, and making more effective any future call to action on those users.

Every server we used was installed and managed by me, i was the main Sysadmin (System Administrator) working with our C.T.O to improve efficiency on how the code and database usage, was impacting servers on high availability scenarios. I managed almost every aspect of servers from installation, configuration, security (general sec. config, DDOS attacks, change control, access control, monitorization, backups), and everything needed to keep servers delivering.
I used to go twice a day through the servers per years, which gave me an enormous amount of experience on how to detect problems, and know where this problems came from.

Monetizing (Controlling our Team and the Ad Companies)
Through the whole life of the projects i was on charge of talking with the ad companies to get better deals, to retrieve the code to be used, and to control the impact that each change on the project could have on the money it was made with each ad company, as many time changes on a Website or Application used to lead to wrong visibility of ads and keeping track of this changes were essential to avoid loosing money, and correct problems on time. Sometimes problems were due to the ad company, like having slow servers that affected our relationship with Search Engines and users, or wrong code delivered, and sometimes were due to our servers or code, so having the ability to isolate the problem was also essential to take the correct decision on time and avoid looses.

Human Resources (Hiring, Training, Supporting)
All the key role personnel was selected, trained and inspired by me to love what they were doing and shift expectations, also worked hard always to keep communication in good standards, and respect for each other. In a cross-cultural team, with people from several countries that could not even see each other, it was always a challenge, but i always kept them working flawlessly and reaching goals.

After the death of my young mother and father the same year in 2012, one year later, in 2013, i went out of business for 2 years because of depression, on that time i kept studying about Mobile Apps specially PhoneGap (Cordova) and some frameworks like Ionic, on what i think is the future of Mobile Apps which is "no native apps", and learning also about new server technology for distributed teams and fast delivery of servers, Vagrant, Puppets and others..., came back to the game again few months ago, willing to be involved in something new, and share my knowledge and expertise.

Will you let me be part of your team?



Polymedios Network

Working as the C.E.O of Polymedios Network (website doesn't exist anymore, but can be seen on, i was on charge of negotiating and closing deals with big companies for Web Application Development, then working with an international team we developed great Websites for our clients, in 2002 many of the biggest firms of Valence in Spain were our customers, including the ones that created the "Palacio de las Artes y las Ciencias", firms on charge of creating bridges, roller coasters, and a firm selling antennas for "The NASA", i was the SysAdmin, the Sales and Negotiation person, always reaching the biggest contracts, and the person to collect payments too. Left the company in the hands of a partner, as i moved to other country that year.



Programmer Analyst

ORT - Uruguay

I didn't finished the career as i started my own Internet Projects at that time.


I've created many projects through the years, and a network of communities with more than 8 million users, that led to 500k daily visits in the best moments, managing heavy usage of servers and databases and monetizing in a big way, many of the networks of that time, were copying my way of doing things, and even copying our content.

Many of the project i've made are not online today, but can be seen through "", projects were closed in 2012 and 2013, due to personal problems when my father and mother died both the same year at the age of 59.
Some of the projects are exposed in portfolio, wich was my own little company, this projects led to the creation of our own FrameWork, now available OpenSource on Github , our own CMS that was used to create and (you can see them on, Scalable Chats over Tigase and OpenFire completely integrated with facebook chat, on , an image hosting from scratch, a protection service for links on , Algorithms, modules and a lot of code, websites and other projects were made for third parties and i can't disclose in public, but will do it on private as they are big projects of many million users.

About Me

I was born in Uruguay, grown up between Italians and Jews, worked in my family companies since i was 13 years old, every summer and in the time i was not studying, had positions in supermakets, bazaar, food business, shoe's shop, construction, car rental, gyms, between others.

When i was 21, i devoted my life to my new wife and daughter, and to create Web Projects and Communities, i also sang Opera as a Tenor, which took me to travel and live in other countries, playing music, writing songs, and all this meanwhile we traveled from country to country, making history on the Internet too.

Lived in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain and Italy, and moved home more than 15 times, some of those moves across the ocean, and always with my family.

I'm very empathetic, either online or in person, very buddhist in many ways, and i use to connect fast and easy with people at all levels, from employees to big business people, i think i have a deep knowledge of the human being nature, and some knowledge about how things work in this universe, i even have my own theory about the beginning of the universe which turned into a book not published yet. Anyways, thinking or feeling i know this much about the universe, human beings and specially women, continues to be a mystery, sometimes for themselves too, as they told me so.

Passions and Hobbies

Singing Opera, Writing and Composing Songs, Swimming in the beach and rivers with my kids, making barbecue from time to time, and watching the wheels go round and round...and i like to watch them roll....

Hope i can help you, and hope you can help me...

I hope i can share with you my time, my talents and my abilities, and hope i can help you reach your goals and dreams, meanwhile i hope you can help me too, giving me the opportunity to work mainly from my home office, from where I've worked more than 15 years, leading projects and teams and achieving big goals without having to even know in person the people i worked with. Anyway i have no problem to travel from time to time for meetings or presentations, or work some hours in the morning in the company offices, i can also relocate without problems, to other places in Spain if the offer is good.

I appreciate your time in reading my resume, and let me know if i can be of any help, be sure i'll become part of the solution, if not i'll fire myself, if i feel i will not be good enough for the position or role.


Oscar López
[email protected]