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Drivers Licence - AB Class 5 GDL (Full licence in June, 2011)                Licence # 159773-274

WHMIS - Taken online, via eLearning @ Canadian Tire (2010)

Foodsafe - Taken in Grade 10, through my highschool (2008)

St. John's Ambulance - First Aid

Taken through the school in Grade 11 PE (2009)


- College Rec Ice Hockey

- College Rec Floor Hockey

- Reading                   - Writing

- Golf                           - Baseball

- Swimming               - Gym

- Running                  - Camping

- Problem Solving     - Skiing

- Mountain Biking      - Movies

College Courses Completed

LAW 166 - Criminal Procedural Law

PED 153 - Training and Personalized Fitness

CJP 160 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

CJP 161 - Ethics and Interpersonal Skills

PRS 172 - Effective Presentation and Speech

ENG 175 - English Composition

**Below courses are ongoing**

CJP 178 - Individuals with Special Needs

SOC 160 - Introduction to Sociology

CJP 183 - Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice

COM 177 - Applied English and Communication

CJP 157 - Preliminary Response and Investigation

LAW 176 - Criminal Offences

COM 153 - Professional Communication in Public Safety Organizations

PED 165 - Applied Lifestyle Fitness

View the link below for access to course descriptions,for all courses listed above.

About Me

I am currently 18 years old and living in Lethbridge, AB. I am in my first year at Lethbridge College, working towards a two-year Policing Diploma. I am an itelligent and active individual. I have played 12 years of hockey, nine years of baseball, and six years of golf. I enjoy summer the most and spend as much time as I can outside. I especially love camping with family and friends and soaking up as much sun as possible from the beach.  I live a healthy, balanced life-style by visiting the gym daily, participating in extra-curricular activities with friends, achieving above average grades in school and eating and sleeping right. My short term goals are to graduate from The School of Justice Studies, at Lethbridge College and attain employment with a policing agency. Long term goals are to have a family, own my own home and, one day, become Chief of Police. I live my life with pride, vigilance, leadership, honesty, integrity and accountability. Thank-you for taking the time to view my ePortfolio.


Jesse D. John

Work experience

Sep 2010Present


City of Lethbridge - Enmax Centre

At the enmax centre I work one of the four concessions during the Lethbridge Hurricanes games, and other events. My job is to make fries, onion rings and chicken. The job sounds much easier than it is, but when you have a full house it can be very stressful and demanding. I work efficiently and quick, but do not sacrifice quality of the product I am serving. I enjoy my job and have very good relations with my co-workers and supervisors.

Sep 2010Present


LEO Club

I am a volunteer with the School of Justice Studies' LEO Club. The club is responsible for helping the community and also raising money for the "CJ" program at Lethbridge College. So far, I have gained 17.5 hours of volunteer experience, from a homeless census to waiting tables, and look forward to raising the that number sufficiently.

Jul 2010Aug 2010

Delivery Driver

Ernie's Used Auto Parts

I worked full-time, for the summer, at Ernie's and was responsible for loading parts and delivering them to locations around the West Kootenays. I also maintained cleanliness around the shop, in the offices and lunchroom. When I was not making deliveries I would help the mechanics dismantle the cars by taking of tires, removing the tires from rims, tagging all reusable parts and storing them in the appropriate locations. I learned many valuable life-long skills like maintaining and changing engine fluids, fixing tires and working with a GPS.

Aug 2009Feb 2010

Floor (Regular worker)

Canadian Tire

While working at Canadian Tire I dramatically improved my customer service and communication skills. My job was to help customers find what they were looking for, answer any questions regarding items and assist in carry-outs. When I was not with a customer I would bust out new stock from the warehouse, front-face items in my designated isles and help the "deal workers" prepare the new items for upcoming sales. I was very good at my job and was often recognized for my hard work and efficiency.

Jun 2008Sep 2008

Tourism Counsellor

Trail & District Visitor Centre and Chamber of Commerce

I worked full-time for the summer, when I was 16, at the Trail Visitor Centre. I had a tremendous amount of responsibility, especially when considering my age at the time. My duties included: greeting customers, assisting with any questions they had, finding tourist info for Trail and other towns/cities, maintaining the Visitor Centre website, booking the City's campground, assembling and mailing Visitor and Relocation packages, writing articles about "things to do in Trail," cleaning the office, opening and closing, mentoring a woman with special needs (4 hrs on Sundays) and setting up meetings for the Chamber of Commerce. On Saturdays and Sundays, I was on my own, except 1-5p.m. Sunday when I mentored a woman with special needs. I handled all of my duties with efficiency and professionalism, and excelled at my job. My supervisors were very imressed with my work ethic and ability. I enjoyed my summer with them, and gained incredible knowledge of the area and great communication skills.

Aug 2007Mar 2008



McDonalds was my first job, and taught me a lot about accountability, responsibility and timeliness. I started working there when I was 15, and was started in the kitchen. I was very good t my job and within three months became "cross-trained" to work counter. I enjoyed workig up front and interacting with the customer. My duties included everything from cooking burgers to counting money, and everything in between. During my time at McDonalds I developed a great sense of pride in my work, and earning an honest paycheck. McDonalds had an amazing training program and I am quite content that I started my working career with their corporation.


Sep 2010Present

Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College

I am currently in my first year at Lethbridge College. I am taking a, two-year, Policing Diploma in the Criminal Justice program. The "CJ" program has been run by Lethbridge College for over 40 years, and is held in high regard by law enforcement, military, border services and correctional facilities across the country. I love my studies and very much enjoy waking up and going to school everyday. I hope to graduate with honours, and pursue a career in policing; whether it be RCMP or municipal, I have still not decided. I recieve above average grades and work very hard to maintain them.

Sep 2005Jun 2010

High School Diploma

JL Crowe Secondary School
Sep 1997Jun 2005

Webster Elementary


Caren Christianson

Dr. Phyllis Day Chief

Kristan Iorio