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Work experience

Aug 2010Present

ITAP Apprentice

Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP)

This is a program offered at DePauw which allows students to have hands-on technology training and work-related skills. ITAP covers almost all of DePauw's technological departments. ITAP students do not need to to select any certain major however, it combines the liberal arts education with the latest technology training. This prepares us well for the working world of technology. I am currently an ITAP Apprentice in four rotations being trained in different types of technology. In the next years I will be an ITAP Associate with an on-campus internships of my choosing. I could also have my own technology project or an off-campus IT internship.


  • Visual
    • Learned how to use this coding language
    • Culminated in a final project creating a virtual flashcard program
    • I now use this to make note cards and study for exams.
  • Web Authoring
    • Learned how to proficiently use Dreamweaver
    • Learned HTML and CSS coding
    • Designed my own website from scratch (see link on the right)
  • Technical Training and Support
    • Project manager for cumulative project of an instructional video seriesand brochure on DePauw Printing Systems
    • Created brochure on Technologies of DePauw.
    • Worked in DePauw's Faculty Instructional Technical Support suite
    • 6-week use of Instructional Design 
Jan 2010Present

Contact Calling

ITAP Winter Term

During DePauw University's Winter Term, a month-long term that promotes intensive and non-traditional learning, I voluntarily aided the ITAP program by serving as a contact caller. Over the course of the month I contacted prospective freshmen to talk about DePauw and ITAP; some had never heard of the program, while others had heard of ITAP, but still did not know what it was. I loved being able to help high school seniors think about their college experience as well as improved my interpersonal skills through these phone conversations.

Aug 2010Present

Undergraduate Researcher

Science Research Fellows (SRF)

This is an honors program at DePauw for students interested in studying science. This is a significant hands-on research experience for undergraduate students. There are different projects in numerous scientific fields of study. The experiences prepare students for post-graduate study and a wide variety of careers in science. There are several components to the program:

First-Year Research Experience:This is a semester long research project for a small group of students (6 maximum) with a professor in a given field.

  • I worked with Professor Hillary Eppley, associate professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, on an Ionogel Research Project (Chemistry) . This is a special gel with unknown properties. We did tests to reproduce the gel and find out its components. Using devices such as the NMR and IR machines permitted us to complete the project. The final goal is to produce a catalyst for reactions that can sustain extreme heat. 

Student/faculty Collaborative Summer Research: Students participate in a 10 week paid summer original research project with a professor.

  • I worked with Professor James Benedix, professor of Biology onBehavioral Studies of Frogs, Crickets and Small Mammals (Biology). This gives students a field research experience studying animal behavior and ecology.

In the future:

Research Internship: This is outside reach with other universities, government laboratories, top R&D companies. Research can also be done on-campus at DePauw.

Senior Capstone Semiar: This is a class which discusses topics like graduate school and science careers. Other science education topics are discussed to help mold plans for future leaders in fields of science.

Aug 2011Present

Technology Associate

Alumni Office

I work to create media presentations for certain alumni events such as Old Gold Awards. I keep in contact with various alumni and I update and modify the alumni website. I also help with various projects day to day, based on what work is needed to be done.


Aug 2010Present

Biochemistry, Computer Science

DePauw University
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.74 / 4.0
  • Dean's List - Fall 2010 and Spring 2011
  • Science Research Fellows (SRF), Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP).
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority
  • DePauw Women's Soccer member
  • Women in Computer Science Member, Environmental Club member
Aug 2007May 2010

Academic Honors

University High School
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.8
  • High Honor Roll and Honor Roll (all four years)
  • National Honor Society member
  • IHSAA Role Model
  • Spanish Club President
  • Science Club member
  • Varsity Soccer member
  • Varsity Track member
  • Cheerleading member
Aug 1996May 2006

Elementary - 9th grade

International School of Indiana (ISI)
  • International School Choir - traveled for concerts
  • Science Club
  • Ambassador to France (see resumé for explanation)
  • ISI soccer (middle school- 9th grade)
  • ISI swimming (9th grade)
  • ISI track and field (middle school-9th grade)
  • ISI basketball (middle school)


This is a computer coding language. I have done several projects with this coding language.  
This is a computer coding language. I have done several projects with this coding language
Macintosh software
I am adroit with such programs as iWeb, iMovie, Garageaband, iCal and Microsoft Entourage. I installed programs such as Publisher and Audacity to use as well.
Mandarin Chinese
I began learning Mandarin in middle school and then in high school. I plan to continue in college.
Scuba Diving
I am an Open Water Certified Scuba Diver. I was certified in the Florida Keys during a Winter Term course offered at University High School.  (Winter Term is a month-long course on one specific subject.)
Through the ITAP program I was introduced to Dreamweaver to create my own website about France. We focused on using HTML and CSS coding to create the website. I have continued to work with Dreamweaver to become more proficient. (See link to website on the right side.)
Through the ITAP program I was introduced to the program to create a virtual flashcard. I am continuing to use coding for different projects.
I learned this language starting in 5th grade at the International School of Indiana. I had Spanish, Mathematics and Gym in that language.
This was my first language taught in school. ALL of my classes were taught in french except for English. This includes gym class.

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Title and Organzations

  • National Honor Society
  • Venture Crew 1121 (previous President and Vice President)
  • DePauw Soccer player
  • Science Research Fellows student
  • Information Technology Associates Program student
  • Ambassador to France
  • 2010 IHSAA Role Model
  • Women in Computer Science (WICS)
  • LifeStraw founder at my High School



  • Soccer
  • Venture Crew
  • Voice
  • Biochemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Languages: French, Spanish, Chinese.
  • Environment
  • Politics
  • LifeStraw

Web Authoring


My name is Ashely Conard and I am currently a freshman at DePauw University in Indiana. I am a Biochemistry major and Computer Science minor, with a love of language. I am fluent in French and Spanish, and currently learning Mandarin Chinese. I am a Science Research Fellow, (SRF) which is a highly selective honors research opportunity for undergraduates. Additionally, I am an Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP) associate working with web design, technical training strategy projects and computer coding. I seek to do field work in botanical research and/or drug research. I intend to utilize my languages to bridge the gap between peoples in need of medication, or technology advancement.