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·Maximizing strategic opportunities and eliminating barriers to success are signature elements of my career.

·Driving operational excellence from concept through cleanup with crystal clear vision and effective communication is my constant focus.

·Motivating and leading a positive culture of business agility and collaborative victory is my passion.

·My energetic and inventive leadership approach produces superior results across diverse disciplines by challenging norms with ingenuity and imagination.

·To win in highly competitive markets I successfully integrate and motivate cross-functional business units, streamline processes, invent superior methods and systems, and optimize domestic and international supply chains.

·As a public speaker and presenter to all levels of management, boards, investors, industry groups, and the general public, I represent the company as a standard of excellence in the industry.


High-energy executive with diverse industry experience and exemplary skill sets.  Results tell the story.

Work experience


Director of Industrial Construction

MWH Global

The MWH organization is driving the wet infrastructure sector globally, and we are leading the world in results-oriented management, technical engineering and construction services to build a better world.The wet infrastructure sector  encompasses a variety of water-related projects and programs ranging from water supply, treatment and storage to water resources management and coastal restoration, and from design and construction of hydropower and renewable energy facilities to full environmental services.  We also recognize that wet infrastructure covers a broader range than simply water.  Global megatrends—climate change, scarcity of resources, aging infrastructure and technical innovation—are all tied to our efforts in providing our clients sustainable solutions that reflect the best practices in wet infrastructure knowledge, experience and innovation.


Division General Manager / COO

SPG Solar

Floatovoltaics®Program Development (Floating Solar Technology)

Led the successful redevelopment and market rollout of the world’s first commercial-scale floating solar system. I had full executive responsibilities for the largest program development in company history, leading a cross-functional team of internal and external experts, consultants, scientists, engineers, and attorneys across a wide spectrum of disciplines to drive the program from inspiration through innovation into implementation.Accountable to the Board for strategic business development, project management, value engineering, P&L management, sales, marketing, technology development, intellectual property, and public relations.

·Succeeded in reducing installed system cost by over 60%, creating price parity with conventional solar systems.

·Defined, measured, and significantly outperformed all key metrics for program success including Price Point, Constructability, Engineering, Intellectual Property, Financing, Environmental Profile, Marketability, and O & M.

·Set all budgets, timelines, milestones, and decision gates.Drove all critical path decisions, focus realignments, and quantum shifts in scope and direction including stop-work orders, when necessary.

·Negotiated all contracts, managed all proposal requests, scopes of work, engagements, and performance thereof.

·Personally designed first-ever system fabrication and deployment methodology, reducing labor costs by 40% and reducing installation time by over 50%.

·Forged strategic alliances with international developers, suppliers, manufacturers, and consultants for global roll-out of this game-changing technology.

·Deconstructed the technology into core attributes and created a new system archetype, challenging every previous design tenet with fresh perspectives and unconventional approaches.

·Over-delivered against aggressive goals on an accelerated year-long R&D effort - on-time and under-budget.

Thompson Technologies, Inc. (Subsidiary Company)

Appointed by the CEO to evaluate, stabilize, and turn around a struggling solar equipment manufacturing operation.

·Within 6 months the division turned its first profitable quarter in 6 years and was positioned for sale.

·Doubled sales of popular retail product while growing margin and lowering COGS by 50%.

·Upon arrival, company manufactured 6 products, none profitable; no comprehensive sales structure or strategy, no quality system, no pricing roadmap, no R&D budget or strategy, low morale, and several outstanding liabilities.

·Immediately discarded non-competitive or unsustainable product lines and implemented process controls

·Personally engaged in rebuilding client relationships throughout Asia.

·Improved morale by engaging employees in process restructuring, laying out clear go-to-market strategy, and implementing aggressive marketing program for quick-cycle products.

·Initiated the company’s first quality control system; prioritized, justified, and managed the R&D “wish list”.

·Strengthened the company's Chinese OEM supply chain through personal site visits, inspections, and negotiations.

Project Finance

Tasked by the CEO to evaluate, manage, and improve the company’s project financing capabilities.

·Repositioned the project portfolio and moved $20 million in projects from stagnation to completion.

·Orchestrated the signing of a 3MW / $15MM solar park, the largest project in company history, by negotiating a highly innovative financing structure involving the owner/developer, financiers, and major equipment suppliers.

·Performed critical evaluations of each current and potential future financial partners during the crisis of 2009.

·Laid foundation for self-performing PPA, capturing 10-20% additional margin and long-term revenue generation.


CEO / President

First California Enterprises, Inc.

Executed progressive business transformation and holistic growth strategy impacting every single area of business including management, employees, contractors, third-party service providers, suppliers, and clients.Personal oversight of all significant financial, legal, regulatory, and client transactions.

·Founded the company as its sole producer, expanded into 4 business units with penetration into all 50 states

·Year-over-year revenue growth over 50% for 4 straight years.

·Led the industry with innovative marketing strategies, increasing sales volume by 120% in a 6-month period.

·Shortened the transaction production cycle from four weeks to 4 DAYS - revolutionary in the industry.

·Cultivated and executed M & A of competing and complementary business platforms.

·Successfully internalized or externalized a wide variety of essential business functions, successfully adapting the business model to outpace the ever-changing marketplace dynamics, regulatory constraints, and client demands.

·Executed 5-year strategic evolution of risk-based expansion and prudent product/technology investment.

·Developed, refined, and maintained all internal systems and statistical process controls to maximize efficiency in all phases of the business cycle while maintaining the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and ethics.

·Successfully implemented SEC, NASD, FINRA, RESPA, HUD, FHA, VA, Real Estate Department rules and regulations, and all other state, local, and Federal corporate governance measures – zero audit deficiencies.


CEO / President

Pacific Coast / CMG

Recruited by struggling real estate finance companies as an equity partner to lead the successful restructuring of all internal operations, improve market presence, and increase sales volume.

·Quickly quadrupled sales force and retrained/replaced/augmented all production systems and personnel.

·Recruited, retained and directed top-producing sales, production, marketing, support, and administrative staff.

·Improved efficiency 400% and increased volume from $2.5MM to over $50MM in monthly transaction volume.


VP / Division Manager

Scott Company

Executive responsibility for scores of large and small scale commercial and industrial projects throughout the U.S.including highly sophisticated and specialized process systems, equipment, and infrastructure: power generation and co-generation facilities, water and wastewater treatment and delivery, SOLAR energy and thermal collection systems, energy recovery systems, and large-scale ice plants and cooling systems.

Exceptional projects included high-purity process systems and equipment, highly specialized military, aerospace, and food/pharmaceutical-grade installation processes and procedures, Class 100 to Class 5 clean-room installations, man-made rivers and lakes, etc. Created unique partnerships with local vendors to cost-effectively and time-efficiently provide materials and services to remote projects leading to budget savings of over $175,000/project.

·Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Fort Collins, CO~$77 MM contract

-Full executive leadership from RFP through project punch-list completion.

-All process equipment, piping, controls, and bulk transfer systems for brewhouse and bulk storage facility.

-High-purity food-grade mechanical systems including primary process, steam, water conditioning, HVAC.

-Revolutionized project procurement and created a Turnaround Team, called upon to close-out difficult projects.

·Stealth Bomber Production Facility, Palmdale, CA~57 MM contract

-Complete project responsibilities for the Engine Run facility and the Paint Bay for the Stealth Bomber.

-Specialized Jet Fuel transfer equipment and piping systems, HVAC systems, heat recovery, sound attenuation.

-While performing under the Northrop contract, successfully negotiated future contracts totaling $15 MM with Rockwell International, Lockheed, and Northrop Grumman.

·NUMMI (GM/Toyota) plant, Fremont, CA~23 MM contract

-Project responsibilities for the existing GM plant conversion – all HVAC, piping, and mechanical systems.

-Direct, continuous negotiations, compromises, and progress reporting with the Japanese parent company, integrating hard-bid contract scope with the open-ended work scopes of their legacy contractors.

·Hyperion Treatment Plant - Secondary Treatment Expansion, Los Angeles, CA

-$200MM joint venture to add 800,000m3/day secondary treatment to 40-year old plant

-Constructed oxygen reactors, final clarifiers, cryogenic facilities, disinfection and service water facilities and a 250,000m³/day pumping plant.

·Tillman Water Reclamation Plant, Van Nuys, CA

- 25 million gpd joint venture installation from grit removal through dechlorinization

·San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant, Whittier, CA

-Expansion of secondary and tertiary treatment modules

·Total Energy Facility – Joint Water Pollution Control Plant, Carson, CA

-Anaerobic Digester gas-fired 3 x 7.2MW gas turbines and 5MW energy recovery steam turbine system

-Carver-Greenfield sludge dehydration unit

·Solar Energy Generation System (SEGS I & II), Daggett, CA

-Solar parabolic-trough superheated synthetic oil driving combined heat and power system

·AT&T Headquarters, San Ramon, CA

-All mechanical systemsfor 2MM sf office complex - unique ice plant and cooling pond configuration

·Hyatt Waikoloa Hotel, Big Island, HI

-All mechanical systems for 1200 room hotel campus – water treatment and delivery systems for man-made rivers, lakes, pools, and waterfalls complex

·NASA (various), Vandenberg AFB

-Installation of specialized systems, equipment, tools, and methods for various aerospace applications

-Projects often included energy recovery elements, cogeneration/combined-heat-and-power

·Intel, Applied Materials, Arcata Graphics, National Semiconductor, Hewlett-Packard, etc, Silicon Valley

-High-purity process piping and clean-room air handling for critical manufacturing processes

      -Wide variety of work scopes and diverse applications ranging from pharmaceutical to aerospace


Engineering Supervisor

Procter & Gamble

·Waste-to-Energy Power Plant / C-37 Modular Plant Prototype

Executive construction management responsibilities for a revolutionary on-site waste-burning combined cycle power plant fed by construction waste from greater NYC area as well as the design/fabrication/installation of an entire product line in modular format.

First-ever installations of their kind in company history.Both projects completed on-time, on-budget.

·Multifaceted management duties within several consumer product lines from production planning, material sourcing, manufacture, distribution, and marketing.


Bachelor of Science

Cornell University

Dean's List

NCAA Division I Baseball, MVP, Triple Crown, 1st Team All-Ivy, 1st Team ALL-EIBL

Chi Psi Fraternity