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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Instructional Strategist

American Public University System

Manage the instructional design and curriculum development process across programs anddisciplines, integrating effective online andragogy and best practices into course design. Leadand collaborate with both internal and external instructional design teams to develop new andupdate existing courses so they comply with institutional standards and achieve desired studentlearning outcomes. Provide guidance at the institutional level and effectively articulate theadvantages and disadvantages of various development techniques and principles for onlineprograms and courses under development. Establish team milestones, objectives anddeliverables to meet the Instructional Design and Development team mission goals.

Sep 2008Jan 2010

Senior Instructional Designer for Online Learning

SUNY Learning Network

Provided instructional design direction and support to campus-based instructional designers,faculty, and program initiatives. Evaluated and improved the faculty development process,moving theory to practice by interpreting, implementing, disseminating, and refining bestpractices in online and blended instruction. Designed and delivered face-to-face and Webbasedtraining for beginning and experienced faculty, incorporating andragogical andheutagogical principles into the creation of training materials and delivery of workshops. Actedas system liaison to Eduventures, providing a supporting framework for system-wide evaluationand research initiatives. Monitored course quality through evaluation and implementation ofestablished rubrics. Tracked the instructional design development process, monitor ongoingcourses, and troubleshoot problems in applied instructional technologies. Developed andmonitored new initiatives and programs related to the support of best practices in instructionaldesign.

2001Sep 2008

Instructional Technologist

Directed all instructional technologies related to distance education. Researched, evaluated and implemented solutions for use in online courses and course components. Provided support to University Without Walls students and faculty to facilitate online communication. Worked closely with faculty to translate pedagogical approaches into individualized course Web interfaces. Identified and researched industry trends in online and blended learning. Provided system administration support for all technology related to the delivery of online courses. Developed and delivered the Summer Faculty Institute, a weeklong faculty workshop on pedagogical approaches to online learning. Designed and implemented an academic Web portal to interface with Oracle applications. Promoted University Without Walls through presentations and workshops at national and international conferences. Served as the lead representative of online learning at Skidmore at regional, national and international conferences as well as campus committee meetings.


Coordinator of Documentation and Training

Managed the design, implementation and distribution of computer training and support materials. Researched and explored new approaches to user training and computer-user interaction. Worked with Human Resources to evaluate performance objectives and provide enhanced learning opportunities across campus. Worked closely with the faculty, providing consultation, training and technical support in planning and developing online instructional materials. Worked closely with University Without Walls faculty and staff to further the integration of technology into the distance education program. Provided a free flowing exchange of information pertaining to the Web and new media through featured seminars. Provided general support for administrators, support staff and students in Web development and design; instructional technology; office applications; communications software and utilities. Developed and delivered in-depth programs, including the Summer Faculty Institute, January Administrative Institute and Faculty Web Workshop. Taught technology applications and information design to students in the Mathematics and Computer Science, English, Biology, Philosophy and Religion, Classics and Business departments.


Graphics Specialist and Information Architect

Documentation Strategies

Was responsible for all consulting relating to new media and informational graphics. Designed and produced publications and presentations; including annual reports, manuals, marketing material, books, signage and online documentation. Developed graphic style guides and procedures manuals for internal and external materials. Designed training materials, including online courseware and multimedia presentations. Designed structure and presentation of Web sites and online information. Coordinated proposal negotiation with clients, external vendors and outside contractors. Clients included New York State Division of the Budget, The New York State Museum, New York State Historical Archives, Krackeler Scientific and Empire Corporate Federal Credit Union.


Senior Graphics and Publications Specialist

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Coordinated design and production of publications, including the Annual Report, quarterly Economic Policy Review, Quarterly Performance Report, and monthly economic newsletter. Provided new design ideas and supported ongoing projects from concept to completion. Developed structure, content and design for internal and external Web sites. Worked with all areas of the Bank, coordinating and cataloging all content used in publications. Worked with outside printers and vendors on the production of publications, including commissioning artwork and obtaining bids for service.  Managed creative staff, writing performance appraisals and developing training strategies. Provided senior management with monthly budget analysis and employee time report. Served on system-wide planning committee, developing the conference agenda and course structure for the National Editors and Designers annual conference. Acted as conference Chair, 1995 and 1996.



Jul 2009Present

Adobe Certified Associate


Course Design Showcase

Special Projects

Adobe Education Leaders Institute

San Jose, CA

July 20-24, 2009


UPCOMING: The E-Learning Design ProcessSTC Southern Arizona Chapter, March 2009Presentation on E-learning instructional design best practices.

UPCOMING: The Evolution of Instructional Technology: Survival of the Fittest?Empire State College, April 2009Keynote presentation on the historical overlap of educational theories and applied technologies.

Tag! You’re It!Distance Teaching and Learning, August 2008Presentation on the role of information visualization tools in the development of individual presence in online learning environments.

Social Bookmarking Applications in Higher EducationDistance Teaching and Learning, August 2008Half-day workshop on the integration of social bookmarking tools into online and blended courses.

Turning Pedagogy into PracticeNERCOMP Teaching Faculty to Teach Online, April 2008Presentation on Skidmore College’s unique approach to faculty training and online course development.

Moving to E-Learning the Scholarly WayLavacon, October 2007Presentation on instructional design theories and modes of learning for managers tasked with moving training materials online.

The Role of Professor:  Archetype, Anachronism, or Work-in-ProgressSloan ALN Conference, 2007Panel discussion on the changing role of faculty in online teaching and learning.

Social Bookmarking Applications in Higher EducationDistance Teaching and Learning, August 2007Half-day workshop on the integration of social bookmarking tools into online and blended courses.

Visualizing InformationCambridge University, UK, June 2007Presentation on the integration of analytic discourse and visual thinking into data representation.

Tools vs. HumanitySociety for Technical Communication, May 2007Panel discussion on the value of technical skill sets versus people skills in professional development and career advancement.

Instructional Design ShowcaseSUNY MID Summit, March 2007Panel presentation on best practices in online course design and faculty training.

GIS: The Visual Display of Spatial DataIEEE Professional Communication, October 2006Presentation on the value of integrating GIS technologies and data representation techniques into the technical communication skill set.

Developing a Successful Conference Proposal Society for Technical Communication, May 2005Panel discussion on the proposal writing process for presenting papers and workshops for international audiences within the technical communication industry.

I’m Not a Tech WriterSociety for Technical Communication, May 2005Workshop on changing careers in technical communication, with an emphasis on creativity and character mapping.

Bank Street Versus the Chalkboard

Society for Technical Communication, May 200

Adult Higher Education Alliance, October 2001Presentation on the progressive education movement and the application of the Bank Street School pedagogical approach to teaching online.

Back to the Drawing Board: Foundations for Effective Visual CommunicationSociety for Technical Communication, May 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005; October 2000Full-day post-conference workshop focused on creativity, perception and visual thinking.

The University Without Walls Faculty Institute: Learning from SuccessSloan ALN Conference, November 2002Presentation highlighting the methodology of, and culmination of work from, the UWW Summer Faculty Institute.

Collaborating with Technology, May 2002Union CollegeSpotlight presentation on the integration of technology into the Skidmore College Curriculum.

Tapping into CreativitySociety for Technical Communication, May 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004Panel discussion on the integration of creativity into technical communication solutions.

Green Eggs and HamSociety for Technical Communication, March 2001Presentation on current challenges in single sourcing and interface design.

Making the Complex Clear and Pretty Society for Technical Communication, May 1999Presentation on defining the value of graphic design in the information design profession and skill set.

Information Technologists at Work Skills and Education for the Information Technologist, September 1997, RPI Presentation on career paths for technical communication professionals.

Technical Application and Programming Skills

Proficient in Apple, Windows and UNIX environments. Avid explorer of GIS and social computing technologies.

Applications/Languages: Access, Acrobat, Ad Astra, ArcGIS, Angel, Blackboard, Camtasia, Captivate, ColdFusion, CorelDraw, CSS, DeltaGraph, DHTML, Dreamweaver, Excel, Fame, Fireworks, Flash, FrameMaker, Freehand, Freelance, FrontPage, Groupwise, HomeSite, HotDog Pro, HTML, Illustrator, ImageReady, Javascript, Jing, Mapedit, Media Wiki, Moodle, Moveable Type, Oracle Discoverer, PageMaker, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Quark Xpress, SGML, Streamline, Structured Authoring, TelaGraph, Telnet, Toolbook, WebCT, Word, WordPerfect, Wordpress, XHTML, XML.

Tapping Into Creativity

We are often encouraged to "think outside the box". Creativity does not reveal itself to us "outside". It exists at the core of our very being.  PB


I am an information designer currently working as an instructional strategist for the American Public University System. I also represent the higher education design community as an Adobe Education Leader.

Throughout my career, I have designed, developed and implemented technology-based information visualization and instructional design solutions within higher-education academia as well as financial and technology related industry.

My current research focuses on the use of social media and information visualization applications to establish online community and visual presence.

I present regularly at regional and national technology and communication conferences on the topics of social media, information design, information visualization, experience design, creative hypertext, Web 2.0 applications, instructional design and GIS technologies.


Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Instructor for CUL223054: Digital Storytelling – Spring 2009 onlineIntermediate class exploring the use of new tools and frameworks applied to the ancient art of storytelling. Students are required to produce multimedia based personal narratives.

Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Guest Lecturer on the topics of instructional design, instructional technology, geographic information systems, Web mapping, hypertext, hypertext narrative, electronic performance art and design, interface design, data literacy, information literacy, information architecture and design, information visualization.Instructor for UWW0701: Environmental Conservation with GIS – Fall 2007 onlineIntermediate class in environmental planning and land preservation. Students are required to master basic skills in geographic data analysis and display. Instructor for ID100: Information Design and the Web – Spring 2001Intermediate class in information design and Web architecture. Students are required to develop data driven websites with accessible user interfaces.Instructor for UWW Information Literacy Course – Fall 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 onlineIntroductory class in locating, evaluating and citing online resources. Supervisor for UWW Independent Study Courses - Fall 2000 to presentStudent topics: hypertext narrative, information architecture, technical writing and experience design.