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Service Learning

  • Children Foundation for Cancer.
  • Helped organize papers
  • Stuffed envelopes
  • Cleaned


Abbie Jackson

Jamie Junge

Aaron Cash



To obtain a position where I can be hands on and utilize my mechanical skills.


Brad Patzius was born in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 27th, 1992, and his full name is Bradley Joseph Patzius. His parents names are Joe Patzius, and Amanda Schellert.His parents have been a vital part in his development as a person.

Ever since he was little Brad has always worked with his father.He has helped his father on a variety of projects. Brads father was always working on his hot rods or motorcycles, so Brad developed an interest early on.Brad has a passion working on cars because his dad was so passionate about it.He has grown to enjoy working on cars with his father. His father is very experienced in all aspects of the automotive field and Brad has learned much from these opportunities to work alongside him.

Brad has also developed an interest in riding bikes and skateboards. At the age of 12on Christmas he got his first dirt bike.From that point on Brad and his father raced their bikes almost every weekend.It is very clear that Brad has vast knowledge and experience in working with his hands.

Upon graduating in May, Brad plans on attending a Technical School for a degree in the automotive or mechanics field.He would one day like to own his own shop.



Lindbergh High School