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Experience & Achievements

Organizational transformation towards profitable and rapid growth operations

  • Restructured and stabilized the organization, established the strategic objectives and budget, drove the sales and marketing strategy and implemented the project management policy.
  • Achieved a strong and constant revenues growth of 60% every year from 2002 to 2007, leading to profitability as of 2004 after consecutive years of losses since Welcome RT creation, and doubling baseline revenues at Agnitio since 2009.
  • Developed and extended business to new EMEA markets such as France, UK, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Balkans, Nordics, Middle East and South Africa, through the signature of more than 15 new multi-million euros licensees in the financial institutions market (key references: Barclaycard, Cetelem, American Express GNS, Visa International, BBVA, Standard Bank, National Bank of Greece) and public sector (MOI, MOD)
  • Prospected and developed US and Canada region building strong references through strategic partnerships in the banking sector (Providian, BoA) and in the public sector (DEA, DOD, Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
  • Signed directly major contracts and references in Latin America, in particular Mexico and Brazil (key references: BBVA Bancomer, VisaNet, Bradesco, ABN Amro Banco Real).

Execution of progressive business model transformation

  • Continuously improved the business model and growth strategy impacting successfully all the regions and business units of the company.
  • Reengineered the product price list, licensing and professional services agreement in order to sign bigger deals and increase profit
  • Secured long-term revenues through the increase of M&S and recurring licenses, the introduction of new modules sales and services leading to enrich progressively the product and cross-sell to the customers base.
  • Created a cross-region consultancy team leading to an uplift of 1M€+ sales the first year at Welcome RT and generating new revenues for Agnitio.

Marketing, sales and business development

  • Strategic positioning or re-positioning. Alignment of sales and marketing organization and process with company strategy and objectives.
  • Definition of compelling offers that add value to customers. Elaboration of products and services packaging and ROI based sales proposal.
  • Set and defined objectives and incentive plan. Developed strategic and tactic sales plans and managed complex contractual negotiations. Developed monitoring and reporting tools.
  • Identification and development of channels and strategic partnerships.

Value-creating management, new and joint business ventures

  • Developed business from 0 in 1995 to a profitable business of 21M€ in 1998 at Bull CP8, establishing Latin America HQ in Miami and set-up progressively subsidiaries in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Set-up and managed a new joint venture between Bull, Ingenico and IVI Checkmate by taking over in 1999 the non-profitable regional entity of Ingenico and turned it into a profitable structure (+50% in 1 year).
  • Took-over in 2000 the non-profitable division of Bull CP8 North America and achieved, after 1 year of management, a net margin at break-even coming from several years of losses and revenue contraction. 
  • Managed successful spin-off of Groupe Bull’s North and South America cards solutions division in preparation of company buy-out by Schlumberger-Sema (now Gemalto).
  • Created significant value to shareholders by boosting Welcome RT valuation and share price by +380% from 2003 to the acquisition of the company in 2007.


Michael Keegan

" Philippe Vinci was a driving force behind the Welcome Real-time story and consistently delivered impressive sales growth which ultimately led to a successful exit transaction for the company."

Brice Lionnet

" Philippe has been instrumental in expanding Welcome Real-time commercial footprint. Involved in high and complex transactions, Philippe has demonstrated a distinctive selling and managing capacity. Thanks to this successful international expansion, value of the company was substantially increased."

International Development

Key Customers

Communications skills


  • Strategic and highly result oriented executive with a solid background and 20 years of experience in information technologies, innovations, software and services, and complex solution selling.
  • Strong builder and experienced executive in value-creating management and operational management of multidiscipline team.
  • Consistent record and constant turnaround of non-profitable business towards fast growing and profitable companies in merging & acquisition, LBO and stretched environments.
  • Multicultural sensitivity, able to influence customers and manage international teams in Europe, Africa, Middle East, North and South America and South East Asia.
  • Trilingual: French, English and Spanish. Conversational in Portuguese

Personal Interest


Seeking an increasingly challenging executive role in order to add and create value to shareholders and high-tech and innovation companies : by defining and implementing a winning strategy for fast and profitable growth and international expansion, in spite of today's stretched economic environments and M&A context. 

Available for consulting and advisory board positions.

Work experience




Agnitio, a Venture-backed software company, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, is the world leading provider of voice biometrics solutions for the public security sector (military, defense, law enforcement, forensic) as well as enterprise and consumer sector (bank, telco)



Vinci Advisors

Strategy, sales and business development advisory services to technologies, innovations, software and services companies.



Welcome Real-time


Venture-backed Software company providing payment, loyalty and promotional marketing solutions and services to banks, financial institutions and retail markets (130 employees).

Managing a team of 51 people in 6 countries.



Bull CP8 Inc. (ex Schlumberger-Sema now Gemalto)

Americas division of Bull CP8 providing card, terminals and payment solutions and services to banks and telecommunications companies (500 employees). 100% subsidiary of Groupe Bull.

Managing a team of 21 people in 4 countries.



Bull HN Information System

300 employees subsidiary of Groupe Bull, providing IT, SI, solutions and services (40 000 employees).

Managing a team of 11 people.


Corporate Purchaser

Bull SA

  • Development of competitive sourcing and partnerships for Groupe Bull in Japan and Americas.