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I am a progammer and have done more than 20 years as a VAX/ALPHA/VMS Systems Manager/Administrator and know some SQL and XML.

Work experience

Data Center Site Supervisor

OAO Technologies

Working as the Computer Operations Site Supervisor for the ATT LNS Data Center in Staten Island, NY. I supervise and support four operators on a 24x7 operation – System backups, restores, moving tapes offsite, maintaining inventory, assisting System Admins and Techs as required. I also maintain systems at sites in Georgia.

Sep 2005Dec 2005

        Worked for JP Morgan Chase Bank in Jersey City, New Jersey for the IT

Security Group. I wrote DCL code to update various user fields in the System

Authorization File,verify that new accounts follow JPMC standards for

                             accountinformation, disuser accounts of terminated users, and list all VMS


Nov 1996Jun 2005

VMS Systems Admin


I was a VMS Systems Administrator/Manager in charge of 30 nodes (managing, upgrading O/S and layered products,monthly PM, user administration,etc.), along with network printer configuration/management, trouble ticket work, and some network drive management.

·Wrote and performed daily checks of two Production and two Disaster Recovery VMSClusters to verify that all disks are mounted, all required processes are present, and all critical disks have sufficient free space.

·Worked with New User Group in creation and maintenance of new accounts.

·Modified and ran DCL procedure that handled deletion of accounts that have expired due to inactivity.

·Created and maintained lists for HITMAN idle process killer utility.

·Created and maintained procedures to run DISKEEPER defragmentation utility.

·Worked on HelpDesk Trouble tickets for VMS related issues.

·Examined monthly Propatch and RCM reports from vendor concerning ECO’s issued, determine which apply to ATT LNS, downloaded, tested, installed as required.

·Wrote and maintained manual Checklist for monthly PM reboots and worked with other groups in monthly Preventative Maintenance reboots/upgrades of Production and Disaster Recovery Clusters with other ATT LNS Teams. Wrote documents for Operating System and Layered Products Release Management.

·Performed diagnostics onhardware/software problems and interact with hardware/software vendors to resolve issues.

·Monitored systems performance, recommended, and implemented performance tuning changes and capacity planning.

·Designed, wrote, and maintained procedures for recovering from a Disaster, i.e., changing the Disaster Recovery VMSClusters from standby to Production.

·Participated in bi-annual Disaster Recovery tests of all D/R VMSClusters, including splitting and resynching of SRDF on EMC disk farms.

·Created several VMSClusters and Standalone systems from new/retired systems for Production and Test.

·Worked with other groups in setting up and maintaining VMSClusters at multiple remote sites connected to each other for Disaster Recovery purposes.

·Set up and maintained MULTINET NFS mounted drives at multiple sites for access across the country.

·Wrote, ran, and maintained procedures to create, maintain, and troubleshoot Network Printer queues in conjunction with NT and UNIX groups.

·Wrote automated Menu System for use by Data Center Operations.

·Maintained and documented DCL procedures to do nightly and weekly tape backups using SLS on Tape Libraries.

·Wrote, maintained, and ran procedures to handle historical data tape archival using HSM on Tape Libraries.

·Created and documented procedures for monthly tax software updates.

·Helped upgrade Production hardware and software, both Operating System and Layered Products.

·Part of a team that created, upgraded, and tested Disaster Recovery hardware and software.

·Shared After-Hours On-Call duties.

·Worked with VMS team in training of VMS Group assistant.

·Worked with other groups in Corporate-wide TCP/IP address conversion.

·Worked with other groups and clients in maintaining VMS systems owned by other ATT departments and IBM Global Services accounts.

·Wrote and documented utilities used to maintain Telephone Billing Data and User Accounts.

·Worked with the Development Programming Staff in resolving software problems.

·Worked with other groups in Y2K testing and upgrades.

·Worked with IBM Disaster Recovery group and other client sites, as needed.


Gilberto Mendoza

Data Analyst, my liaison between OAOT and  IBM.


Aug 1974Jun 1977

Masters in Computer Science

University of Kansas

I received a Masters in COmputer Science from the University of Kansas, I also worked part time for the University Computer Center, managing/programming a special purpose system, and maintaining a Honeywell mainframe and front end.

Sep 1970Jun 1974


I recieved a Bachelors, majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration. Ialso worked for the computer center for three years, programming, handling class labs, etc.