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Latest Work


With a background in education and photography, I can offer services in both fields either combined or individually.

Work experience

Event Photographer


People photographs at Banff Park Lodge meeting.

c. 1991

Fine-Art photographer


Exhibitions for 2008

National Museum of Cyprus

Royal Museum in Brussels, Belgium


Freelance Photographer

Freelance work from calendars to magazines and exhibition.

2008 Jun/July,  Visions Art & Photography Magazine – Valley of Fire, Nevada Portfolio

2007 Visions Art & Photography Magazine, Premier Issue, Visual Expressions:  Saskatchewan                                                                           Issue Two, Explorations in Infrared Photography                                                                                 Issue Three, Pinhole Photography

                                                              Issue Four, Photographic Perspective

2006 Fall.  Canadian Camera Magazine, Explorations in Infrared. 

2006 Feb.  E-Portfolio Audio Web Poster co-presented for the Illinois Online Conference

2006 issue, Pacific Zone News (cover photo) Canadian Association for Photographic Art

2005Sept.  The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan  A Living Legacy Canadian Plains Research Centre, University of Regina, Great Sand Hills Image p.414

2005July/August Issue Our Canada Magazine, Grain Elevator photos & text.

2005 Summer Issue, Canadian Camera Magazine, Grain Elevator photos & text

2005 Canada Mini Calendar for 2006, Grain Elevator photo, BrownTrout Pub.

2004Canada & Saskatchewan Calendars for 2005, 1 image used in the Canada and 3 in the Saskatchewan calendar, Publisher:  Brown Trout Publishers.

2004 BOOK:  The Korea-China-Japan Cultural Exchange Exhibition on Green Photographics                        Photo of Michell pumpkin field, moon and dusk lighting, Saanichton, B.C. Vancouver Island.

2004 Jan/Feb., Western Mariner, (V.1, No. 1, 2), Photo of Pacific Pathfinder

2003 winter, Saskatchewan Naturally Magazine, (Volume 5, Number 4), Norquay,

        Saskatchewan.         Photos and comments regarding paleontological experience. 2003 May, Western Mariner, Eagle Harbour Pub., W. Vancouver, BC,           Cover photo of Pacific Pathfinder (hi-tech. pilot boat) Interior photo p. 13.

1999 autumn, Saskatchewan Naturally Magazine, (Volume 1, Number 3), Norquay,

        Saskatchewan.  St.Cyr¹s Ode to the Elevator.  Published: photos, partial poem,

        and some quotes from my submitted notes.  1999 winter, Saskatchewan Naturally Magazine, (Volume 1, Number 4), Norquay,

        Saskatchewan.         Four photographs used in a story about schools titled, Foundations of Learning. 1992 BOOK:  Voices from America and Canada, Asahi Press, Japan                        contributor some text and some photos, for the English textbook                                       Campus Canada magazine, (Canadian University/ College Magazine) Toronto, Ontario May 1990:  National Award for best colour photograph, Campus Canada/Fuji Canada April 1989:  one photo, Swainson¹s Hawk September/October 1988:  one photo, Tunnel of Intelligence, University of Saskatchewan April 1988:  one photo,  Winter Foliage Saskatchewan Journal of Archaeology 1989 edition     One independent article and one as co-contributor 1995 edition     Article/photos:  The Piche Pot from Ponteix

1998 11th-13th March Saskatchewan Archaeological Society 26th Annual Convention,  

                        Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  Presented a paper prepared by co-researcher                                     Henri Liboiron on making Pemmican.

The Bison Post:  Newsletter of the Saskatoon Archaeological Society Volume 2, 1988   Article:  Preston Avenue Archaeological Site

Saskatchewan Archaeological Newsletter   December 1996, Volume 17, Number 6      photo illustrating  lithic point fluting, April 1988, Volume 9, Number 2                Article/photos on Flint Knapping December 1987, Volume 8, Number 6      Article:  Glance at the Past December 1996,  Volume 17, Number 6   Photo:  point fluting demonstration, p. 93 The Sheaf, University of Saskatchewan Newspaper, Saskatoon, SK November 1987    Article:  Glance at the Past Western Producer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Spring 1985:  one photo/brief description:  The Niska Archaeological Site 20 September 1984:  one photo, scenic prairie photograph 13 October 1983:  one photo/brief description:  Heritage Day, old farm machine display near Ponteix, Saskatchewan Southwest Booster, (newspaper).  Swift Current, Saskatchewan 7 February 1984    one photo:  Legion branch #297 Ponteix Press, (newspaper).  Ponteix, Saskatchewan 24 February 1982    one photo/caption:  Alternate Energy Format, my dad sawing wood for wood stove.


Freelance Photographer

Craig & Canyon newspaper

Freelance photography for local newspaper

Crag & Canyon, (newspaper) Banff, Alberta. 6 February 1991:  two photos, legion installation; one photo:  winners of Remembrance Day poster and   prose contest 27 July 1988:  one photo, Banff Full Gospel Church Praise Procession. 5, 19, 26 February 1992 three cover photos plus various photos for early 1992.



Miles High Image Centre

Manage a Kodak photolab and did some freelance portrait and wedding photography.


May 2008May 2008

Emergency First Aid

St. John Ambulance
Jul 1998Aug 2000

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Univ. of Victoria
Apr 1996


University of Saskatchewan

Certificate in Professional Photography

New York Institute of Photography

Correspondence study