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About  Phillip Karber

Dr. Phillip Karber currently serves as the president of the Potomac Foundation, a nonprofit research organization that works to improve national policy formulation and enhance public discourse. He has been with the organization as a senior fellow since 1988, when the company was founded, and was elected as president in 2012. Prior to taking on his current role, Dr. Phillip Karber held many positions with the United States government. He was founding director of the Strategic Concepts Development Center in 1981 and a member of Defense Secretary Schlesinger’s DARPA/DNA Selective Nuclear Options panel. Additionally, he traveled overseas as a member of a delegation to Quadripartite Talks on Security in Asia.

Dr. Phillip Karber has also served as an advisor to foreign governments. He acted as an external advisor to Prime Minister Thatcher and advised NATO Secretary General Worner. Dr. Karber earned his PhD in international law from Georgetown University and received additional certificates from JFK School of Government and Harvard Business School.


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