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I am a dynamic and focused individual who relates very well with clients. With a thorough understanding of Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Integration issues, I have the necessary business and technical skills to implement very complex solutions. Extensive project experience has ensured that I have a very solid foundation in the principles of project management and have a good understanding of best practice approaches to solving common organisational IT problems. 

Work History

Jul 2012Present

BPM Architect and Technical Team Lead

Rand Merchant Bank 
  • BPM Center of Excellence Establishment using TIBCO Software:

Rand Merchant Bank had a well established BPM team and was making use of TIBCO iProcess to service the bank's workflow and automation needs. The Bank then decided to purchase a new BPM Enterprise Tool called TIBCO AMX BPM.

My role was to lead a team of 6 developers to establish and enhance the BPM Center of Excellence using TIBCO AMX BPM. In addition to this, our team was also responsible to support the legacy BPM tools and to develop any new BPM requirements for RMB using the AMX BPM platform. We were also responsible for creating and developing process automation patterns in accordance with BPM best practices and to implement them using the TIBCO AMX BPM Platform.

High-level project Description:

  • AMX BPM Projects:
    • RMB Trading and Flow Department:
      • eForrex - Client On-boarding Process
      • PnL - Prediction Process
      • Continuous Linked Settlement Process
    • RMB Risk and Compliance:
      • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Process
    • RMB Credit Legal:
      • Credit Legal Automation for Attorneys
    •  Central Finance:
      • Journal Automation Process
  • iProcess Projects:
    • Shared Services Division:
      • Audit Confirmations Process
      • Client KYC Process
    • Trading and Flow:
      • CFD Margin Statement Process
    • Central IT:
      • Exception Management Process
    • Human Capital:
      • Full-Time Equivalent Transfer Process
      • Mobile and Data Allowance Process
Jan 2010Jun 2012

Senior BPM & Integration Consultant  

Deutsche Bank South Africa
  • Endowment Project:

Deutsche Bank South Africa required the automation of their local endowment (Financial process). This required receiving financial transaction from an external "upstream" system via secure JMS messages. Once received the transactions needed to be transformed and reviewed for "downstream" processing systems. In this project we used TIBCO EMS and BusinessWorks to transport and transform transaction to ensure that they were "fit-for-prosessing". 

Mar 2009Jan 2010

BPM & Integration Developer 

  • Collections Process

Tracker had a requirement to optimize the current collections process and to add additional integration to their proprietary financial system which ran on a Oracle database. 

The collection process was developed using TIBCO iProcess with a ASP front-end.

Feb 2008Feb 2009

BPM & Integration Developer 

First National Bank
  • Deceased Estates Project (Phase 1):

The requirement was to document the existing business processes using Business Studio. As well as complete a full business analysis of the additional required processes. All additional process was subsequently mapped in Business Studio using BPMN modeling standard.

Business Studio XPDL’s were imported to TIBCO iProcess where the final modeling and development was completed. The process also had to cater for various (-+ 140) documents to be created from process. The data had to be passed via web-service to a document generation server which generated documents based on certain data criteria and conditions. These documents then had to be stored on a document storage server.

The created document then had to be e-mailed to the client as an attachment.

TIBCO Business Works processes were used to integrate to 3rd party systems. SOAP over JMS (EMS Queues) was used for integration between Document Generation and Business Works. TIBCO iProcess adapter for Business Works was used to facilitate the communication between iProcess and Business Works.

  • New EMS (Phase 2):

FNB Trust Services developed a new Estate Management System (EMS). This is a JAVA application with a JSP front end and SQL databases. Subsequently, new business processes and integration to the ESB was required.

TIBCO Business Studio was used to develop the business process. This process had to integrated with the ESB and the new Estate Management System. TIBCO Business Works was used to orchestrate the interaction between the ESB and the new EMS system.

I was responsible for the analysis of design of the business process as well as the integration between iProcess, ESB and the new Estate Management System.

The integration between iProcess and Business Works was achieved by using the iProcess adapter for BusinessWorks. Web services were developed using BusinessWorks. BusinessWorks facilitated the communication between iProcess, ESB and the new Estate Management System.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

BPM & Integration Developer 

RMB Private Bank
  • Document Generation Project:

Assisted in the development of integration applications from TIBCO iProcess to services running on an application server.

This entailed communication with a web service to generate documents and letters by pulling data directly from iProcess into a SOAP message, which generates a document and stores it in Microsoft SharePoint.

  • Technologies used includes:
    • Web Services
    • SOAP
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • JAVA


Jan 2004Dec 2004

BCom Hons Informatics

North-West University South Africa
Jan 2001Dec 2003

BCom Economics and Informatics

North-West University South Africa

The BCom Economics and Informatics qualification offers you the opportunity to combine Economics, Risk Management and Informatics.  The focus is specifically on informatics applications in the financial environment in the form of data analysis and decision support systems.

TIBCO Proficency

  • BPM:
    • ActiveMatrix BPM
      • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM 3.1 , 2.2 , 2.1, 2.0
      • TIBCO BusinessStudio BPM Edition 3.9 , 3.6 
      • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator for BPM 3.3, 3.2
    • iProcess
      • TIBCO iProcess Engine 10.x , 11.x
      • TIBCO BusinessStudio for iProcess 3.2, 3.4, 3.5
      • TIBCO iProcess Modler 10.x , 11.x
      • TIBCO iProcess Workspace Browser 10.x, 11.x

  • SOA Development:
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 6.2
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.x
    • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Designer  5.x
    • TIBCO Enterprise Administrator 2.x
    • TIBCO Administrator 5.x

  • Messaging:
    • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 6.x , 7.x, 8.x

  • Analytics:
    • TIBCO Spotfire Server 6.x, 7.x
    • TIBCO Spotfire Desktop 6.x , 7.x

  • Complex Event Processing(CEP)
    • TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.x