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Sep 2012Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School

Overall GPA: 4.0

SAT: 1620 TBA


  • Ranked within the top 75 of class of 2016 at Valhalla
  • Honors/AP classes
  • No disciplinary record (Clean)
  • 100+ Volunteer hours as a student at Valhalla 
  • Union Tribune Academic Student Athlete Award Recipient 
  • Secretary of the AVID School Club and Anti-Bully Club
  • Link Crew Leader 2014-2015


Jun 2012Jun 2016


Valhalla High School Football
  • 3-year varsity-starting quarterback
  • Ranked in San Diego's Top 3 Quarterbacks of 2015-2016 
  • Team Leadership Award Recipient 
  • San Diego Friday Night Lights Magazine Player of the Week (Week 5)
  • East County Player of the Week (Week 11)
  • Union Tribune Student Athlete Award Recipient
  • Recruited by over 15 Division 1 Universities 


  • A multiple-time Leadership Award Recipient at Valhalla High School 
  • As the Team quarterback, I am in charge of 75 football athletes that I must direct in the right path during the Season
  • Pressure is never an issue- I have played in the biggest stages in front of thousands of people and still commanded my men to victory.
  • I show great leadership in the classroom, I never follow...only lead. 

Family Background

Son of a 5 star Army General for the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan and a High School Political Science Teacher (Mother). I have been raised and taught to lead by example and succeed at all costs. Having been raised in a military fashion by my father, I have learned respect, loyalty, and hard work. These are utilities I have in my character which have led to all of my success in the classroom and on the field. In my household, there is no second place; You're either first, or you're last. Therefore, failure is not an option with me, and it does not exist in my world. I work at my hardest, lead at my best, and execute greatness.