Director of Risk and Product Management/General Counsel


Responsible for opening natural gas business throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast which provided over $1m in net revenue in first year.  Educated and managed pricing and sales teams on electricity and natural gas products, enabling sales force to move up market and increase gross and net revenues.  Structured complex products creating unique opportunities for customers and company.  Provided monthly market updates for internal sales force and customers on evolving issues in the energy markets including fundamental market forces, competitive intelligence, and regulatory issues.


Significant Achievements

  • Structured complex, first of its kind, renewable energy transaction resulting in potential 30 year supply and energy off-take agreement and annual revenue of over $50,000
  • Directed sales force’s efforts resulting in over $1m in net margin from natural gas sales in the first year and double-digit year over year growth in total gross and net revenues for natural gas and electricity
  • Developed specialized product suite creating unique benefits for clients while maximizing margins