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Proven experience in purchasing management and leadership ideally gained in a multi-faceted business environment, able to demonstrate a record of bringing commercial benefit in medium and big companies with strong international dimension. Ability to lead and motivate a small team of subordinates and operate at a senior level. Big knowledge of the industrial sector, achieving very positive results in the organization and expansion of the departments of purchasing, as well as the reduction of period of development of the new projects. Experience of developing and implementing purchasing strategies. Good personality, self assured, confident, resourceful and persistent. Good interpersonal and commercial negotiating skills. Excellent problem solver. Excellent negotiation skills. To define, develop and deliver a purchasing strategy for the Group, which offers continuous cost effective and focused Service.

Work experience

Purchasing manager

The Purchasing Manager in a Company producing component for theautomotive industry, provider at manufacturers' diverse levels of automobiles on a global scale. His principal products are columns of direction, and window regulators

Staff of 400 employees per factory (currently 2 factories plus two new factories under development), with an average invoicing overcomes 135 million euros per year.

From November, 2007 the Purchasing Manager for the group, for his two facilities in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), as well as the factories in project (Mexico and Romania)

My function from this moment is to coordinate two teams of buys to obtain reductions of costs, qualitative progress and planning of strategic buys.

Principal achievements: to find alternative sources of supply in Eastern countries for the components of the column, and in some cases to manage to reduce of two digits in percentages, of current cost, and starting of the above mentioned sources in the space of short time, to establish contracts and strategic programs of materials and components. Also taking special care of the procurement at the factory side, in order to supply them of the components to be able to work at 3 shifts 7 days per week, as a new company policy.

Jan 2006Dec 2006

International expansion manager

arenas Minerales, sa

Person in charge for the international expansion of the company especially as for the setting of new productive facilities refers (sand(s)/minerals micronisation). This includes the analyses and studies of the alternative countries for the above mentioned implantation as the possibilities of acquisition of already existing facilities (negotiation in order to buy the company or to create a JV) or the creation of a complete private owned new company /industry.

Multidisciplinary work, coordinated with other areas of the proper group of companies, as well as with official institutions (credit institutes, local government , energy suppliers, tax officers, legal services, local promoters for new industries, international supportand councils, etc.)

Principal achievements:

To establish the bases to create a new company, negotiate the land and all the services, including the construction of the buildings, set up the legal steps for the company. All developed in a short time in China PR (3 months), and the analysis for India, Brazil and Turkey.

Feb 2005Dec 2005

Purchasing Manger


Purchasing Manager. Person in charge for the purchasing of the company, which belongs to the group CONEI (financial corporation), and dedicated to the manufacture of recreative machines of type B (gambling machines), with advanced technologies. The company is provided with 60 workpeople, and has just initiated his journey on the market as a manufacturer; they perfectly know the environment, as they are already in the development of coin machines, playing rooms, bingos, fish nurseries, construction, supply of services to the network (safe internet services)

Principal activities: to establish a system of work for the project developments, in particular for the purchasing of al the components as well as for all the jigs/dies needed in order to develop any new project.

To establish a system of work for the reductions of costs, reductions of costs, new suppliers' selection, control of stores control of orders, control of the suppliers' invoicing.

Principal achievements: starting of two projects (two new machines, completely new concept, high technology –digital ones instead of mechanical in one- using the latest technologies in their development and construction) in one year with a reductions of timings(for development and SOP) and costs being 10 % and 22 % respectively. Leaving the bases of future reductions in the prices of buys for the next series of production by negotiation of supplying contracts and cost saving activities (re engineering production bases).

Dec 2000Dec 2004

Purchasing and procurement manager

Yamaha Motor España, s.a.

General Manager of Division.

Person in charge for the Division of Purchasing and Supply (procurement) for the factory of motorcycles and scooters of this multinational in Spain, with a consolidated invoicing superior to 350 million € and with an entire staff of approximately 400 persons; 11 of them under my responsibility. With functions in the Purchasing policies of the group for Europe, supply, planning, development of new products ,to also implement innovative new approaches to purchasing, to reduce costs across the business and to act as a focus and challenge for cost reduction opportunities. To utilise and maximise the Group's expenditure, by delivering improved performance, through managing a multi-site activity, with a group annual expenditure exceeding €100 Million per annum), industrial costs, relation with other factories of the group. Reporting to The Board of Managers of the Spanish subsidiary, as member of the site management team. Responsible for managing the Group Purchasing Function alongside a purchasing team of 11 persons (5 senior buyers, 5 procurement staffs and 1 assistant).  Duties involve cost reduction, streamlining purchasing procedures and processes and co-ordinating all purchasing activities. Achieving cost down and, planning and negotiating prices, agreeing supply contracts and formulating strategy, not only for , the Spanish factory but also in coordination with the Purchasing managers of the others industrial premises in Europe, for the group in Europe.

Principal Achievements:

Savings in Purchasing equivalent to 2 points(%) in the factory P&L, by negotiation, introduction of benchmarking in the components between the providers and other markets and companies of the proper group, introducing activities re-engineering processes, analysis of production systems looking for reduction of steps.

Improvements in the supplies (deliveries on time), in the fulfilments by the providers in 20 points in two years, supporting political of approach and education of the same ones, and reduction of the providers' own park.

Progress of the quality indexes (increase of the quality ratio of the suppliers in their deliveries) in collaboration with the Division of quality and environment, for the introduction of quality indicators and Environment. System implantation: ISO 9000-2000, ISO 14001.

re- opening the Company to the Asian sources of supply and development of new supply sources.

Reduction of the timings and costs of launching of new products by means of the application of Concurring Engineering

Apr 1996Dec 2000

pruchasing manager

Talleres Casals, s.a.

Purchasing Division Manager. The Manager of Buys of this multinational of the sector of the Tool electro portable. The entire staff promotes 250 persons (4 under my responsibility), and the invoicing ranges about 75 million €. The supervision of functions includes, Purchasing, Production, Quality, and new products.

Principal achievement:

Making Plan for the reduction of the costs by means of introduction of new sources of supply from Asia, diversifying the portfolio of existing providers, the installation of anew production facilityin China ( negotiating with all the agentstheneeds of land, services supply, taxes,etc) until his completestart up.


Sep 1979Sep 1985

degree in economics

universidad de barcelona

2004 Use of the time: course of the use of the time as well as the specific skills for the use of the time in order to invest the efforts on the right points ,to be used in the help to the teams and to encourage the development of works in team with the target to promote the efforts

2003 TPM applied to the department of Buys. Specific course of TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)specifically for the area of Purchasing, for the progress in the processes used to assure the reliability of those processes and the decisions taken with them, as well as to support the levels of reliability that the process provide of the suppliers.

1994-1995: MBA at EADA - Barcelona

1993 Course of Advanced Negotiation in Aerce (Buyers' Association of Spain).Course to improve the negotiation skills, specially in critical situations with big contribution of real cases.

1989 Product Manager course held at EADA (School of Managing and Business Administration) course faced to the skills of marketing for the introduction and to improve the position of the products in the market.

1985 graduated in Economic Sciences, University of Barcelona.

Primary studies and High School: Lycée Français of Barcelona (French School of Barcelona.


Spanish: Bilingual / maternal

High spoken, high written and high read /translation

French: Bilingual / maternal

High spoken, high written and high read /translation

English: Proficiency for British Institute of Barcelona (Cambridge University) with years of practice as professional language

High spoken, high written and high read /translation

Italian: I study it for several years at the Italian Institute.

High spoken, average level in the writing and the high one in read.

Catalan: High spoken level, written way, and well-read high place.

Chinese: Low level, at present in phase of learning.