Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2004 - Present


Groover Labs, Inc

I co-founded this small company  with a good friend (Rob Shepler) with the objective of solving a serious odor problem in portable toilet systems. With Rob being an avid oarsmen for white water river rafting trips he presented a valid problem to solve in that industry.

I then developed a product that would control the odor of the portable toilets used on river trips called a "groover."  Rob tested this new product on an 18 day river trip through the Grands Canyon.  The formula proved to be very successful and had the full support of all 20 members of the trip.  We worked on our Business Plan and began developing the packaging.  Within two months we were manufacturing and had our product on the web and in the market.  An excellent example my experience of fast-tracking an idea from start to sales.

Our company also manufactures a high quality glycerin bar soap uniquely shaped as a river raft.  This is a biodegradable soap that competes with the quality of Neutrogena ®.

We have many customers in the river rafting industries and are featured in several catalogs.

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Sep 1999 - Oct 2008


Super Brands LLC

Super Brands LLC was formed following the sale of our family's business (Super Brands, Inc.) to Willert Home Products of St. Louis, MO.  Upon the new owner taking control, I remained to lead the growth of the new business.

During this tenure I created and improved manufacturing policies and procedures that increased production efficiencies and reduced costs.  I also directed Research and Development for our division that eventually led to a significant discovery of a new extruding method of hydantoin chemistry.  I also contributed to the development of another new product that replaced a California regulated product. 

Other new developments was created in the laboratory that required the use of surfactants, polymers, binders, dyes and emulsifiers.

I enjoy creating and training new manufacturing procedures that would lead to efficient and improved production rates.

I also have experience in regulatory issues that arose during this tenure.  One part of this was to achieve the goal of getting our factory into the Nevada SHARP (Safety Health and Recognition Program).  This was a proactive effort to improve safety in our facility.  I also interacted with the EPA on matters of compliance.

Jan 1989 - Sep 1999


Super Brands, Inc.

Super Brands, Inc. was the premier manufacturer of environmentally safe Automatic In-tank Toilet Bowl Cleaners.  We produced the national brand for fine companies such as Reckitt and Coleman (Bully Blue-Boy), Benckiser Consumer Products (Lime-A-Way) [which later merged to became Reckitt-Benckiser].  We also produced private labels for Albertson's, Safeway Stores, Longs Drugs, Certified Stores, TOPCO, and many others.  In addition, we exported into Taiwan and South America.

I personally develop a long life toilet bowl cleaner that competed with the national brand; 2000 Flushes brand.  This development catapulted our company's sales well beyond projections.

I led the development of packaging designs for our products that included blister pak, folding cartons and corrugated boxes.  I hold one patent for the design of our blister pak.

Jun 1982 - Jan 1989

Project Manager

Executone Information System

As Project Manager I planned, designed and directed the installation ofall EPBX's. Worked with subcontractors to ensure a quality installation of the customer's electronic phone system.  I always achieved this on time and met budget. Met with customers to discuss system database program and training.Provided technical support to field technicians and sales staff.

As Service Manager I handled all customer complaints and was technical support for Sales Department.

As Lead Technician I supervised Field technicians on all PBX and Key systems and resolved customer complaints.


Jun 1981 - Jun 1983

Physical Science

All of my course work at San Jose State was in the sciences.  My studies concentrated in Physics and Astronomy.  In addition to these fields I also took a liking to Chemistry and Mathematics (in which I have a minor).

My graduate objective was to work at NASA's Ames Research Center in the Astrophotography department.  Unfortunately, President Reagan had just cut the NASA budget and there was a hiring freeze.  But my passion for astronomy has continued.

Sep 1981 - Dec 1981

Radiation Safety

Professor Jaffe's core emphasis program was on the study of nuclear particles, radiation safety and the cell damage that can be attributed to improper handling and storage of nuclear materials.  This scope covered simple alpha and beta particles' potential destruction of cells through different radioactive isotopes of uranium and plutonium and benefits and hazardous within.