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Hockey, Football, Cycling, Running, Reading, Hunting, Fishing, Wood Working, Working Out, Yard Work


For more than a decade, Philip Coburn has leveraged his executive expertise in the medical manufacturing industry. As the Vice President of Customer Management at Synthes, Philip Coburn is responsible for several key drivers within the medical devices company. Philip Coburn works on Group Purchasing Organization relationships, Automation, US Government and Military sales, the Geriatric Fracture Program, and many other value added service groups. Philip Coburn also directs new sales research and development for Synthes’ orthopedic biomaterials and implants for surgical skeletal and soft tissue fixation. In addition to his participation in internal company growth, Philip Coburn builds programs and services that assist health care facilities with their Synthes product pricing, purchases, management, and data cleansing. Philip Coburn heads a team of 109 Synthes employees, with 7 direct-report personnel. Of the $1.3 billion in annual sales accrued by the company, Philip Coburn holds responsibility for $200 million. Philip Coburn’s strategic business planning has garnered him with several honors, including Consultant of the Year, Area of the Year, and various sales and leadership awards. The non-profit organization for the advancement of patient care, AO North America, has asked Philip Coburn to lead a selection of its educational courses. Prior to Synthes, Philip Coburn served as a Sales Representative for Organon Pharmaceuticals. Philip Coburn received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering with Honors designation from the University of Southern Mississippi. During his course of study, Philip Coburn represented the Engineering School in its bid for accreditation renewal. Philip Coburn’s philanthropic efforts assist causes locally and beyond. As an advocate for the Mississippi Kidney Foundation, Philip Coburn assists with quality care programs and services for kidney patients. Additionally, Philip Coburn supports St. James Catholic Church. When he is away from work, Philip Coburn enjoys a multitude of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and woodworking. Philip Coburn also participates in various sports, such as cycling, hockey, and football. For leisure, Philip Coburn reads selections from his favorite wilderness writer, Jon Krakauer, of Into Thin Air and Into the Wild fame.

Work experience

Oct 1994Present

Vice President of Customer Management


Synthes is a global manufacturer of orthopedic implants for trauma, spine, and cranio-facial skeletal fixation. I have direct responsibility for $ 200M in sales, 7 direct reports and 109 people reporting to me in total. I am actively involved in AO courses and AO Education. I am in charge of sales management, strategic business planning, and business development.Consultant of the Year Area of the Year Multiple leadership awards for different sales categories


Bachelor of Science

University of Southern Mississippi


Medical Device Manufacturing
General Management