Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2006 - Present

Marketing Manager

UHY Farrelly Dawe White
Marketing Manager at UHY Farrelly Dawe White.~ Responsible for business development, brand development, design and execution of marketing, advertising and business development campaigns. Branding: responsible for bringing the UHY brand to Farrelly Dawe White. Marketing General - Management of Website, Corporate Image, Design and print of all company publications, letterhead, business cards, etc Business Development: Design and execution of campaigns such as Direct Mail, Press Advertising Campaigns, etc PR: Responsible for management of sponsorships, press articles, press releases, Launches, Events
Jun 2004 - Sep 2006

Marketing - General Insurance Products

Permanent TSB
During my time at Permanent TSB I was responsible for managing General Insurance product marketing through a branch network of 101 retail bank branches throughout Ireland. i was responsible for general insurance marketing campaigns, direct mail, running sales incentives, product development / improvement, monthly reports on KPI's, strategy for sales improvement, etc.





Spinning Instructor

I am a certified Spinning Instructor. Teaching Indoor Cycling in gyms has helped me to develop my coaching, leadership and people skills. These skills have proved essential in my corporate life.

Pilates Instructor

I am a certified Reebok Fitness Pilates Instructor and I teach 1 - 2 classes per week. I find this enjoyable and rewarding as a passtime. My skills in this area help me to manage stress and remain calm in any situation. I have learned to use these techniques to help me to perform under pressure


I trained as a piano player under the Royal Irish Academy of Music with Tony Farrelly as my tutor. I have completed all grades up to Grade VIII inclusive and I have toured in Scandinavia and Ireland with an orchestra as pianist.


Customer Relationship Management is key in any modern organisation. I have extensive experience in this arena and I have worked with systems including Siebel, MS Access and STAR.

Microsoft ECDL

ECDL certified in use of microsoft office. A must in todays I.T. driven business arena I have top notch skills in word, excel, powerpoint, access and outlook. I have also completed advanced database management systems courses in access.


Due to the nature of my job I have an understanding of photoshop and how to use it. This has proved invaluable in my work with graphic design agencies and print houses.


As an experienced marketing manager, i am focused on 2 things - needs and wants.Both people and businesses have needs - I develop the need into a want for a product or service in order to generate business.

I am highly motivated and extremely ambitious - this has driven my success to date.The next challenge is to take my experience and progress to the next level, bringing your business with me.

I can drive your business and your people to success.I can do this while working on my own or within a team structure.Professionalism at all times is a given, thinking outside the box is too.

Whether you require my ability to develop and manage a campaign, develop your firm's brand awareness or work within a sales and business development team in a marketing capacity, I have the skills to fulfill your requirements.

Relocation is not a problem.Preferably to the USA as myself and my partner aim to relocate there.Other options will of course be considered.

I am ready...


Running - I enjoy running and I compete in 10k, half marathon and marathon events throughout the year.

Sailing - I am an excellent yachtsman and I have raced competeively offshore and round the cans.

Music - I enjoy playing piano and listening to music of any genre.

Reading - I enjoy reading autobiographies