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Philip K White

Software executive and entrepreneur


Philip is a software executive, entrepreneur and thought leader with a solid track record of delivering beautiful products that delight and excite the customer. He is an experienced leader who inspires and motivates departments across disciplines. Philip is skilled in growing departments organically as well as the integration of teams post acquisition.

His enterprise credentials are well established and cover a vast array of solutions including BI, CRM, ERP, HCM, SCM, BPM and SRM - these include highly profitable products which he co-founded such as SAP SPM. Likewise, he has developed award-winning products in the consumer space such as CX Apply and Swarm. Philip is known as an innovator and has knowledge over a large number technologies and industry verticals.




Consulting CTO for Marketing Automation startup BOMA.

Key Achievements

  • Identified opportunities in emerging markets
  • Identified opportunities in marketing automation
  • Developed Product and Technology Vision
  • Led development of Stage 1 and 2 of Product Development
  • Developed Pitch and Marketing Collateral together with founder



Zyte enables businesses and individuals to delegate work to internal and on-demand resources quickly, effectively, easily and securely - allowing them to better match resources to tasks, and to achieve massive reductions in cost and time.

Key Achievements

  • Identified opportunity and developed the product to address it
  • Identified potential patents
  • Developed business model and pricing regime
  • Planned marketing and PR strategy
  • Developed Product and Ux design
  • Engaged on-demand resources
  • Patent applications being prepared

Consulting CTO

INdependent contractor

I have consulted as CTO (head of product and technology) for a number of companies, such as Boma and Snowball Effect. I worked with the Icehouse to provide mentoring to early stage startups.

SVP Innovation


I assumed the role of SVP Innovation to take responsibility for identifying the key opportunities for Findly, and developing the product and technology innovations to win those opportunities. In this role I had solid line responsibility for up to 80 professionals across several countries. The CX Apply team comprised key director of product management Kane Cochran, Findly's Art Director (Head of Design) Ariel Hu, and the engineering team.

Key Achievements

  • Creation and development of the CX Apply solution to the "Mobile Apply Problem"
  • CX Apply hailed as "The most innovative piece of HR Technology in years"
  • CX Apply live at CA Technologies and deployed to Hilton, Under Armour and Comcast
  • Applied for multiple patents on CX Apply (not yet issued)
  • Evangelized product suite (CXA, ATS, CRM, Buzz, Swarm, etc,.) and gathered feedback on calls with customers including Expedia, CA Technologies and others
  • Initiated restructuring of architecture to cut costs dramatically
  • Introduced balanced use of on-demand resources to increase velocity and reduce cost while maintaining quality
  • Successful integration of the products acquired from the purchase of Bernard Hodes ("Hodes", formerly part of Omnicom)

Development Manager


In this role I had responsibility for the product management and design of key products including Hiring Manager (mobile app) as well as overall responsibility for quality and engineering across the whole company. Later I also inherited product management of the ATS product (the most complex product in the suite, inherited from the purchase of HRLogix)

Key Achievements

  • Re-design and on-time release of Hiring Manager App
  • Release of award-winning Swarm (HRE Product of the Year) product (which was far behind schedule and had been stalled for months)
  • Beautiful redesign of complex ATS solution
  • First release of CRM



NanoTime was founded to investigate the commercialization of technology around data storage and processing with a particular focus on bioinformatics. The technology shows particular promise for the rapid retrieval and comparison of biological sequences such as DNA, RNA and amino acid sequences. As of 2013 commercialization of the technology has been slowed due to various factors - however it has not been abandoned

Key Achievements

  • Product design based on opportunities in the area of bioinformatics
  • Validation of technical design

Product Development (Various)


I joined SAP with the express purpose of learning as much in depth and breadth as I could about the enterprise software landscape. Over my SAP career of 9 years I accomplished this with great success - working on many the major products of the suite, and gaining experience of the product and sales cycles.

In my early years I worked as a BI expert designing the analytical components of various components and industry verticals and reviewing the designs of others. At the same time I worked on SAP's early BAM/BPM offering "Event Resolution".

Later I worked on products such as critically-acclaimed SAP Spend Performance Management, Guided Procedure, various xApps and other products.

Towards the end of my time with SAP I was heavily involved with the EPM suite and customers such as Colgate, Johnson and Johnson and Sysco.

Key Achievements

  • Experienced in leading international teams
  • Selected to compete in the "HANA Olympics" in Shanghai based on own product development initiative
  • Founding member of critically-acclaimed SAP Spend Performance Management ( a "startup within SAP")
  • Patented work on xRPM
  • Worked on product development across nearly the entire suite (Netweaver, CRM, SCM, SRM, HCM, ECC) and several industry verticals
  • Developed expertise in Business Intelligence - Analytics, Data Warehousing and ELT/ETL
  • Developed expertise in workflow, BPM, BAM, and cross-application (integrated app) development
  • An internationally recognized expert in Analytics, BPM, and BAM

Founder, Business Analyst Developer


I founded InteropSoft primarily to address the need of the forestry industry for a specialized logistic and workflow system.

Key Achievements

  • Designed and Developed a logistics and workflow solution to address the needs of the industry for customer Wood Products International
  • System allowed massive increase in scalability of business, and, ultimately, spin-off several subsidiaries
  • System forked for different business subsidiaries
  • System sold to SMI as well as remaining in Wood Products International and running to the current day


Bachelor of Commerce

University of auckland

Major: Management Science and Information Systems

Bachelor of Science

university of auckland

Major: Computer Science

Education - Detail

Academic Paper for the First International Conference on Web Services

Cisco Networking Academy - Semester 1 96/100
Cisco Networking Academy - Semester 2 95/100
First Place in Systems Analysis and Design 2 Team Project
Senior Prize in Computer Science, 2001
Scholarship in Computer Science, 2002
Invitation to enroll in Faculty of Science Honors programme
Invitation to enrol in School of Business Honors programme

Undergraduate Project in Computer Science with Professor John Grundy: A+

Stage 3

Undergraduate Project in Computer Science    A+    
Distributed Objects and Algorithms        A+    
Operating Systems                A+    
Language Implementation            A+    
Data Communications Fundamentals        A+    
Systems Analysis and Design 2            A    
Advanced Data Communication            A    
Management of Information Systems        B+    

Stage 2

Algorithms and Data Structures            A+    
Computer Systems                A+    
Database Systems                A+    
Data Communications                A+    
Applications Programming            A+    
Software Design and Construction        A    
Systems Analysis and Design 1            B+    
Microeconomics                    B    

Stage 1

 Microeconomics                    A+    
Principles of Computer Science            A+    
Accounting Information                A    
Macroeconomics                A-    
Organisation and Management            B+    
Law, Commerce and Govt            B    
Accounting Concepts                B 



Method and System to Process Multi-Dimensional DataUnited States 8,204,914, Issued June 19, 2012

Not Yet Issued

CX Apply (multiple)

Zyte (multiple)


Experiences Developing a Collaborative Travel Planning Application with .NET Web Services.