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Philemon Selvaraj

Analyst/ Web Developer

Project work

DevClout provides a unique score to evaluate your developer skills and influence on Github and StackOverflow. You can compare your score with friends, know your ranking among them, quickly find their strengths and find areas you can improve to become a better developer.  This web app uses Ruby , JavaScript, jQuery , HTML , CSS and was done in Ruby on Rails.

This web application using the Github API to retrieve different data points of the user which is used to rate users based on a set criteria. In the end the user is assigned a score based on his activity in Github . Users are further capable of joining groups of users and compare themselves against each other .This app use JavaScript,Ruby,HTML ,Css and was done in Sinatra Framework.

An app that uses the Instagram api to search for the given tags and produce a slideshow of images for the user to see in the browser. This app was built using Ruby,JavaScript,jQuery as well as the Instagram API in a Sinatra framework.

  • Contact App (Ajax)

A simple contact app for users to store contacts , based on ajax web development techniques . This app was built using Ruby,HTML,JavaScript using Sinatra Framework.

Work experience



Robocoder Inc

Richmond, BC 


Technology Business Analyst

Grant Thornton LLP

Halifax, NovaScotia

As a Business Analyst, I worked with closely with an extensive network of clients to identify the types of research project being undertaken and areas of study targeted for future development. Using this information I developed technical documentation to be submitted for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Claims.

Apart from this, I worked with Grant Thornton to identify new stream of revenue for the organization focussing on startup companies and their need for advice in the tax and corporate finance areas of business.


Business Analyst

Citco Fund Services

Halifax, NovaScotia Business Analyst

Citco Fund Services is a Hedge Fund Administration company.

As a BA in Citco, I worked with large hedge fund companies based out of New York and Singapore.

My job involved working with clients and understanding the data requirements on a daily basis. Based on these requirements I worked with a team of developers to produce reports beneficial to clients. Apart from this

I was involved in the development of various monitoring tools for our organization and the client


Business Consultant

SMUBDC Halifax, NovaScotia
Business Consultant(Contract Role) As a business consultant, I was involved in working with clients to build business plans and strategy solutions in varied domains.

Senior Software Engineer

Wipro Technologies,Bangalore, India

Lead Engineer in mission critical software application for large fortune 500 companies. My role involved in the maintenance and development of new features for these applications which were used by large number of employees across different countries.  My programming skills involved JavaScript and  LotusNotes Scripting language for client applications.





Lighthouse Labs is Canada's top developer bootcamp.


M.B.A (Technology and Finance)

Saint Mary's University

Bachelors of Engineering

Bharthiar University

Electronics and Communication Engineer


Vancouver  Ruby Meetup Group

Hackernest Vancouver Tech Social

Data Science groups in Vancouver