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Creative team player, that is enthusiastic and ready to take on whatever obstacles that comes in his way.



Bachelor of Arts, Honors, Film Studies

York University

Work Experience

Jun 2014Aug 2014

Assistant Editor

Breakthrough 突破

◦ Responsible for adding all titles and subtitles to short and feature length documentaries.

◦ Responsible for checking continuity and editing errors and the flow of the film.

◦ Adjusted sound and noise levels in accordance to directors wishes, as well as making sure noise did not interfere with the film itself.

Nov 2013Nov 2013

Recruiter and Prop Manager

Short Film:“ One Shot”

◦ Acquisition of significant props for the set.

◦ Recruiting and finding sponsors for the film.

◦ Making sure equipment and props are distributed back to the same actor for continuity purposes. 

Feb 2013Feb 2013

Boom Operator

Boom Operator for Student Film in Canada

◦ Position microphone in such a way that it will not cast shadows or in view of camera.

◦ Proper positioning of microphone in accordance to positions of performers.

◦ Ensuring all sound equipment functions with maximum efficiency during filming. Skills Summary:

Skills and Languages


Highly Experienced with editing suites such as Adobe Premier Pro, with some experience in Final Cut Pro 7

✦Highly Experienced in Logic Pro 7

✦Experienced with other adobe suite software as well such as Flash Professional.


Highly proficient in cinematography and experienced in using different cameras


Highly proficient in using DSLR cameras such as Canon 5DMKII and MKIII series and Nikon D90 Series Cameras

Proficiency with Black Magic Pocket Camera

Proficiency with 16mm Bolex Cameras

Microsoft Office

✦ Highly proficient with Microsoft Office suite.


Fluent in Spoken Cantonese, however reading and writing is limited


Native English Speaker, with professional reading and writing skills

Contact Details

Address: 30A Pok Fu Lam Terrace 
No.8 Wah Fu Road, Hong Kong

Phone Number: +852 9320 0202