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About Phil Broman Grape City

With extensive experience as an English as a second language teacher, Phil Broman formerly led the MeySen Academy and affiliated Grape City, Inc. The elementary school attracts students throughout Sendai, Japan, and currently has an enrollment of approximately 4,000 students. As principal, Phil Broman and his faculty members created an innovative learning paradigm, with functional-notional learning theory at its base. A premium-tuition institution, MeySen Academy maintains a reputation for quality education and has set in place a lottery system for accepting new pupils.

He also guided the establishment of Grape City (originally known as Bunka Orient Corporation) in the early 1980s. The software company gradually expanded from an emphasis on school management systems to the creation and distribution of outsourced developer tools. The firm ultimately expanded to include the offshoot WINEstudios, which offers dedicated media design and digital production services. His work as an educator has led to the development of the GrapeSEED curriculum, which has been adopted by numerous elementary schools spanning the globe.

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MeySen Academy Principal