Przemyslaw Hewelt

Przemyslaw Hewelt

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2003 - Present

Head, Treasury Credit, BZWBK / Area Manager, Financial Institutions, AIB Capital Markets

AIB Capital Markets

Over the past six years I have performed dual role within the AIB Group:

Bank & Country Credit

I have built, trained and managed a team of four bank analysts who between themselves have produced regular credit research on over 300 banks from CEE region, Germany, Austria, Benelux countries, Portugal, Latin America and Africa. My role has been to manage the research process and to present cases (banks & countries) at the AIB Capital Markets Credit Committees. This team has been based in Poznan, Poland and works exclusively for the AIB Capital Markets. This role also involved some degree of travelling to meet banks in CEE region.

Treasury Credit Risk  

Here I have directed two teams: Corporate Credit and Risk Control. This has been a middle office operational role focused on servicing and credit risk control of Bank Treasury operations.

Sep 1999 - Sep 2003

Head of Research, Head of Investor Relations

Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.

In my role of Head of Research & Analyses I was responsible for overall market and competitive investigations in BZWBK. I managed a team of three.

The role of Head of Investor Relations was particulary challenging during the merger between two subsidiaries of AIB’s: Bank Zachodni and WBK. As the latter has been quoted company since early 1990s and AIB had only 60% stake, my role was to influence minority investors across Europe to vote in favour of the merger at the AGM. This involved a significant degree of interaction with media.

Jan 1997 - Sep 1999


Fitch Ratings

My area of responsibility at Fitch was primarily banks in CEE / Turkey and Lebanon. My key credit research areas were banks, prudential regulations and competitive landscape of banking industry in the above mentioned countries. Additionally, I was a voting member of the rating committee on Latin America and Benelux countries.

Oct 1992 - Jan 1997

Bank Examiner

The National Bank of Poland

I joined Banking Supervision Division of the National Bank of Poland shortly after I graduated from the university. At that time, I had the oportunity to participate in development of regulatory and supervisory frameworks at the beginnings of market economy in Poland. I took part in closure procedure of some local bankrupt banks (thrifts). My other enforcement responsibilities included representing Banking Supervision at AGMs and replacing members of the Board in underperforming local banks.


1993 - 1997


The Nottingham Trent University

Subject of my doctoral thesis was cross country study on the impact of de-regulation on crisis situations in banks.

This was a part time study I had undertaken at the time when I worked in Banking Supervision Division of the National Bank of Poland. That was a perfect combination of my professional responsibilities as bank examiner in an emerging market economy with my academic interests. I conducted extensive research in the UK, the USA and in East European countries. The institutions I consulted on my research included Bank of England, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in Washington DC. My guru and my external examiner at my viva was David T. Llewellyn, Professor of Banking and Finance, Loughborough University.

Oct 1986 - May 1992


Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika w Toruniu

My field of study was economic sciences and I wrote my thesis on strategy of selected UK based companies in the 1970s.


Regular writer to the Polish Lutheran quarterly magazine "Warto". Family person, keen supporter of the local speedway team


International bank/sovereign/corporate credit experience from four different perspectives: • Commercial bank (10 years of experience on managerial positions, quorum member of the bank's Credit Committee), • Credit rating agency (almost 3 years at Fitch Ratings in London), • Regulatory (over 4 years of experience as Bank Examiner in Poland), • Academic – PhD in post-deregulation banking crises.

Through-the-cycle credit experience as Head, Treasury Credit in a commercial bank in Poland. While confident in credit risk matters due to the extensive experience, still quite happy to say 'I do not know' and learn from the knowledge and experience of co-workers. Team builder, keen coach and motivator, happy to see members of the team growing and progressing on the organisational ladder. Not afraid to say 'no' when feels it is the right thing to do.

Key areas of expertise: Sovereign credit; Corporate credit; Financial Institutions Credit - mainly Emerging Markets (Europe, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel); Treasury counterparty credit risk, including risk control function (excess management); Managing Credit Research Team


Senior positions in corporate / treasury credit risk management areas.