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Phyllis Doran

Digital Marketing | Lead Generation | Prospect Acquisition | Social Media

Professional Overview

Marketing leader with demonstrated ability to use online marketing techniques to increase web site traffic, improve lead generation, and measure bottom-line results. In-depth understanding of marketing best practices, including creating benchmarks, testing, and campaign optmization across the spectrum of traditional and digital media.

Energized by a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment where both ingenuity and creativity are applauded.  Knowledge of B2B, B2C and public sector markets, including campaign creation, implementation, measurement and analysis of direct and email marketing and nurture campaigns.

360-degree understanding lead generation techniques, including social media using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other leading social platforms. 


Online Lead Generation
~Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and techniques to improve organic search rankings ~Experienced in Search Engine Marketing (PPC advertising on Google and other search engines) ~Online and external lead generation campaigns and campaign tracking, leveraging intellectual property such as white papers, webinars, product demos and interactive techical presentations. ~Thorough knowledge of best practices and next generation automated toolsets to deliver email, online landing pages and integration with back-end CRM systems ~Proficient in leveraging Web 2.0 tools including blogs, directories, RSS feeds, video and podcasts to increase communities and guage feedback ~Can read WebTrends logs and reports to analyze overall web site traffic, as well as individual tracking ~Up-to-date with online marketing trends to guide decisions on what new approaches should be used and how to best implement  
Web Content / Copywriting
Marketing Strategist

Portfolio - Writing and Creative




Landing Page Optimization Certification



Dotty Andrews

Candidate Name: Phyllis Doran                                              Position: Direct Marketing Manager

Company Called: Everest Software, Inc. (Formerly known as iCode, Inc.)  Number: 703.234.6640

Person Called: Dorothy Andrews        Title: Director, Marketing 

Relationship to Candidate: Hiring manager and current manager at Everest Software, Inc.

Comments: I personally hired Phyllis Doran as Marketing Manager and would hire her again in a heart beat based on her consistent ability to deliver the desired marketing deliverables and results to build and maintain internal and external customer satisfaction.  She’s a team player and a talented marketing management professional.

Eligible for rehire? Yes, absolutely.

General description of Duties and how Performed:

Phyllis is responsible for a broad range of marketing management responsibilities in a fast-paced and demanding environment.  She does an excellent job in carrying out these important revenue generating marketing campaigns with ease and professionalism. Phyllis currently recommends, develops, manages, executes, tests and tracks various integrated demand generation marketing campaigns including: electronic marketing, database marketing, online and print advertising, direct mail, trade shows and events, webinars and online demonstrations, multimedia development, as well as sales tool development.  Phyllis’ talents and contributions include creative strategy and execution development, copy development, campaign management.

Phyllis Doran’s Strengths:

·Very knowledgeable in integrated marketing management strategies and tactics.

·Savvy business person with a broad range of industry experience.

·Excellent copywriting skills.

·Very talented in creative concept development.

·Can grasp very difficult technical technology concepts and translate them into simple and concise ideas to help audiences with all skill levels grasp the main ideas.

·Results-driven, “can do” attitude – does what’s necessary to get the job done in a timely and quality fashion to ensure happy internal and external customers.

Areas Needing Improvement: Phyllis continually strives for excellence and sometimes puts unnecessary pressure on herself.

How were Candidate’s Relationships with:

·Peers: Excellent: supportive and collaborative.

·Subordinates: Excellent: Respectful and nurturing.

·Superiors: Respectful, friendly, straight-forward, and honest.

Reason for Leaving: 

A significant management reorganization has occurred at Everest Software due to the financial instability of the software company.  The Company has been in a business “turn around” situation for the past two years and the current business model is not working to correct the business.

General Personal Characteristics: Excellent rating on all personal characteristics.                   

·Attendance: Excellent attendance record.  .                     

·Promptness:  Excellent.

·Courtesy:  Very courtesy with all employees, clients and vendors.

·Friendliness: Very outgoing and friendly with everyone and has a great sense of humor.                 

·Honesty:  Excellent, straight-forward nature.

·Other:  Great sense of humor and a “can do” attitude.


I would definitely rehire Phyllis Doran for a marketing management opportunity since she is dependable, knowledgeable, talented, and results-driven.  She delivers the necessary deliverables to clients in the expected timeframe, quality, and within the established budget.