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Hello, my name is Allison Dobson and I am an undergraduate student and senior at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.  At Longwood, I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communications and Public Relations as well as two minors in Leadership Studies and Spanish.  While at Longwood I have multiple leadership experiences in both my academic and campus involvements as well as the opportunity to study abroad, all of which have aided in my personal and professional growth.  I am currently preparing for entrance into the job market after my expected graduation in May of 2011 at which point I will pursue an entry level position in Public Relations and/or Human Resources.

As a senior in her final semester of her undergraduate career I have had so many friends, family members and mentors ask what it is I want to do with my life after graduation.  I reply with the only true and valid response I can, and that is "find happiness and enjoyment in my work".  I have had so many wonderful opportunities at Longwood University as a Communications Studies student and owe an incredible amount of my success to the support system that I have here in my professors, advisors, classmates and Lancers of all stages of their tenure at Longwood University.  I know that in May, I will leave the campus I know as home fully prepared and qualified to enter the job market and I cannot wait for the journey to begin.


Upon my expected graduation on May 14, 2011, I hope to secure an entry level job position in the Public Relations industry.  In addition to my completion of a Communications Studies major, I have completed two minors while at Longwood University, Spanish and Leadership Studies.  After graduation I hope to complete a translator's examination as to obtain additional foreign language certification that may be put to use during my employment.  As a student and professional, I pride myself on my strong writing and speaking skills in not just one, but two languages.  I believe that in our nation's current time of change, these proficiencies will be effective in my future employment.

Currently, I am serving as the Public Relations intern for a Farmville non-profit conservation and recreation organization, Friends of the Appomattox River.  Additionally, I work as a student office employee in Longwood's HARK Department under the supervision of the Department Secretary and Chair.  These internship and employment positions have allowed me the opportunities to apply class work to real world task completion in various employment fields.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Student Office Employee

Longwood University- Health, Recreation, Athletic Training and Kinesiology Department

Since January of 2010, I have worked as a part-time student employee for the Health, Recreation, Athletic Training and Kinesiology Department at Longwood University.  My direct supervisors are the Department Secretary and Department Chair, whom I report to each week for eight to ten hours during which I complete a range of tasks.  In this position I have completed traditional clerical responsibilities such as managing departmental phone calls, filings, inventory and calendars.  More recently however the department as a whole has taken advantage of my experience in the public relations field as I have been responsible for creating departmental announcements, activities/events and campus interactions.  In addition to these tasks, I have been working diligently towards the planning of a department sponsored event honoring a professor who will be retiring at the end of the semester after 26 years of service to Longwood.

Oct 2010Present

Public Relations Intern

Friends of the Appomattox River

As the organizational intern, I am responsible for a range of tasks and responsibilities including web design, social networking, creating sponsorship and membership advertisements, informational kiosk/brochures in addition to other unforeseen assigned tasks to be delegated by Executive Board and committee members.Specifically, I work with FAR’s Blueway Committee under Alecia Daves-Johnson.The purpose of the Blueway Project is to develop a route of the Appomattox River through the Farmville and Prince Edward County area of which FAR members and non-members can navigate via canoe, kayak, etc.The project includes identifying landowners around the Appomattox, obtaining local support, developing landings/portages, informational kiosk creation, in addition to river conservation and education efforts within the local communities.











Aug 2004Present

Bachelor of Arts

Longwood University

During my time at Longwood University I have faced many personal and academic obstacles during my pursuit of an education.  At this time I am working towards a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Organizational Communication and Public Relations.  In addition to this major, I have completed the necessary coursework for a minor in Spanish and a second minor in Leadership Studies.  Both minors have offered incredible professional and educational opportunities including a summer spent studying abroad in Valencia, Spain and a individualized leadernship practicum in which I organized a book drive for the local library and collected over 500 texts.

While at Longwood, I have had the privilege of participating as a member in a variety of student clubs and organizations; some of which became my most successful leadership opportunities.  Of the 150 Longwood endorsed student clubs and organizations, I have acted as a member to the following: Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society, Longwood Company of Dancers (Historian, Public Relations), Alpha Delta Pi National Sorority (Philanthropy Committe and Recruitment Committee), Student Leaders for Active Leadership (Events Coordinator and Secretary), Longwood University Peer Mentors.  During all of these involvements I have surpassed a number of personal goals in addition cultivating professional and academic growth.


Knowledge and Proficiency of a Foreign Language
Beginning in junior high, for the last ten years I have been a student of the Spanish language and culture.  During my time at Longwood University I have completed the required course work to obtain a minor in the Spanish langauge.  More so, in 2007 I traveled to Valencia, Spain on a university sponsored study abroad program, in which I lived in an all Spanish speaking household and worked in the equivilant of a first grade classroom.  In June of 2011, I will participate in a Medical Missions trip and complete my first assignment as a Spanish-English translator for the Friends of Barnabus missionary organization.
Public Relations Proficiency
As my concentration I understand the significant role that P.R. can play in an organization's success.  Throughout my college career I have had ample opportunities, beginning as a Public Relations Chair in various student organizations and class projects where I created and distriubted flyers, banners, phamplets,  tshirts, etc.  More recently I have been working as an P.R. intern for a non-profit organization where I am currently working towards the creation of a three-sided informational kiosk to be displayed at various points of interest in the local community.  Additionally, in recent months I have had the privilege of working in multiple group projects that require a collective understanding and completing of creative efforts in the public relations field.
Social Media Knowledge and Understanding
In my personal and professional lives I have created and maintained various social media accounts.  In recent months I have managed a professional blog and Twitter account on behalf of a class project, as well as a Facebook account and professional blog via my internship. 
Research Abilities
Throughout various courses during my undergraduate years at Longwood University I have had the opportunities to conduct personal research for the purpose of completing assignments and responsibilities.  This includes but is not limited to use of online catalogs, survey distribution, data analysis, focus group facilitation and interviews.  I have experience using APA, MLA and Chicago styles of writing and citation.